What woman should choose

my tittle as well as my picture might be provoke you to hoping that i will writing an answer for your question how to treat woman when she get her period. Sadly, I won't but i will give you a hint what woman should choose during her period.
Recently, I just realized that every month, woman should choose between pain in stomach or mood swing. Based on my experince, it is an ultimate options. It is like DoA decision. Oh ya..life is hard by the way so I will dramatize it ;p
Why is an options? because we experince one 'suffer' we will be freed by the another one. When woman had her mood swing during her PMS, she wouldn't feel stomachache caused by her period. In other hand, if woman able to surpress her mood swing, she will had her major pain.
Like an DoA decision, isn't it?
So Guys, if you really-really love your woman. Please kindly bear your anger if you shall facing her tornado-swing mood, because you won't let her feel the pain, rite? You wouldnt know how it feels. Seriously.
So, that's your decision. Consider one-week before her period is another humor of your life ;p


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