This year is surely different because of the ongoing pandemic that forces us to stay at home. While the infected patients are up and down in South Korea, but there is a time when we able to travel to the neighboring cities, especially when the social distancing rules was relaxed. 

During the relaxed period, I took the opportunity to go to several places near Seoul to enjoy the autumn season. Actually, some of those places have been visited by me and my husband last year or the year before. But, the amusing thing is always something new in there, so we can have a new point of view to review it.

I will describe each place based on the date I visited chronologically. 

1. NH Anseong Farmland

Famous Shooting Place

NH Anseong Farmland is a huge park combining a cattle farm, flower garden, and amusing park. It is very popular among local Koreans because one of the best places to visit with their children. The flower garden especially changes seasonally depending on the weather. 

During spring, the garden will be yellow-colored with Canola Flowers. Meanwhile, from August to September, the violet shadows the hills with Lavenders. And on the Autumn, the hill blossomed with cosmos flowers sparkling yellow, orange, and pink. Also, Pink Muhly competes, pinkening the hill with a pine tree on the top. A picturesque sight. 

The park is very vast but don't worry! we can rent a bike or just walk to enjoy the nice weather. Many families chose to rent a family bike so their children won't get tired.
The highlight of this place is, of course, a huge farm of cosmos parks. It is so huge, with about 4 different hills that remind me of a beautiful sight in Makoto Shinkai's anime. One of my favorite hills is in the back area with the yellow cosmoses because it is quieter than other hills.


Pink Cosmos

Yellow and Orange Cosmos

Pink Cosmos See Thru between the pink muhly

The land is located in Anseong, Gyeonggi Province. How to get there is actually tricky because no direct public transportation can take you there. But it is possible with several transfers but don't get discouraged yet, it is not complicated.

How to get there: From Seoul or Yongsan Station take a train to Pyeongtaek Station (Semaul or Mugunghwa). Arrive there, take bus number 17 and take off at Gongdo Terminal (about 20 minutes). After that, take a taxi to the NH Anseong Farmland. It is 10 minutes ride cost KRW 4000-7000.  To come back, usually, the land provides a shuttle bus to the Gongdo Terminal. But due to the pandemic, it is no longer in service. So, take a taxi to go back to Gongdo. There is a taxi waiting area in the gate, or you can hail a KakaoTaxi thru an app.

2.  Cosmos Park, Olympic Park, Seoul

Seoul Olympic Park is one huge stadium and park complex located in Jamsil, eastern Seoul. This complex is very famous because there are always flower blossoming during the season. 

In early autumn, the rose garden in the park becomes less flower but beside it, the cosmos flowers are sparkling yellow coloring the hills.

This section is not too huge, but still very beautiful. Its close proximity made it one of favorite place to be visited by Seoul Citizen  during autumn. At the weekend, usually, the parks are peaked with visitors. But do not worry! there is always a spot to take a picture!

How to get there: the nearest station is Olympic Park Station (line no.5). Get off at Olympic Park Station then exit at number 3. Walk straight to the southeast then just before the intersection, you will see Rose Plaza Gate. 

3. Nami Island

Here is the crazy thing, I've been gone to Nami Island many times, every different season but no, nothing can beat Nami Island during Autumn Season. Not only because of the canopy of Ginko Tree or yellow carpet in the ground, but there is always something new in the season that made me marvel at the beauty of this huge park.

Nami Island may be popular because of Winter Sonata. However, the various vegetation in a huge park has created a surreal picture of the perfect autumn in a country. A traditional house with a Maple tree background, a row of giant trees that made us feel wondrous,  dense pine forest, a frozen lake and a bite of sweet potato.

Huge Ginkgo Tree
Off-beaten walking track
Pine Forest

There are a lot of activities we can choose from on the island. ride a bike, a boat, a train, or just leisure the island by walking. And there is also an option for you when to visit the island. Either during the peak or slightly after the peak, when the ground changes to the golden carpet. Both ways are superb. Usually, I visit there in the first week of November or the second week of November.

How to get there: Take ITX train from Yongsan to Gapyeong Station then change to city bus (KRW 1,200) just across the station or take a taxi for more convenience (KRW 5,000).

4. Seoul Grand Park

I Seoul U at Grand Park

Like Nami Island, I've been to Seoul Grand Park so many times regardless of the season. Summer for Rose Garden, Spring for Cherry Blossom, and Autumn for the foliage.

I think nothing can beat the beauty of a zoo in its natural habitat, surrounded by mountains, a lake, dense forest, and an Autumn blue sky. 

Seoul Grand Park is my favorite place in Seoul because I love the combination of faunas and floras. The Lake is so serene that ride a gondola and enjoy the intermittent sound of birds and the howling wind feels like we come back to nature for good, even we are in the outskirt of Seoul.


Inside the Zoo

The zoo is quite big and house for many different animals. One of my favorite animals are the wild, the mighty lion, bears and pumas. Elephant as well! 

I always ride the gondola for one way but two trip. So I ascend from the park to the end point of zoo, then I walk back to the park. It takes about 4 kilometers one way, but if you are too tired, you can ride elephant tram (not actual elephant of course!) for KRW 2,000 only.

The Mountain
The Deers

Since I've been share the information regarding Seoul Grand Park so many times, please refer to previous post for detail information.

Seoul Grand Park Spring

Seoul Grand Park Autumn

How to get there: Take Subway Line 4 and get off at Seoul Grand Park Station.

5. Asan Ginkgo Road

The Enhaeng Namu-Gil

I think for the Ginkgo Road across the Korea, nothing can beat the Asan Ginkgo Road or famous called as Enhaeng Namu-Gil. 

The Ginkgo trees, transform into sunny yellow color during early November and stretched along 2 kilometers ( I guess). Since the sight is strikingly beautiful, it is attract many peoples to visit and take a picture. That's why, I suggest to arrive in the morning to avoid the crowds.

Side by side with the river

Empty in the early morning

There are lot of cafes open from 10.00 am along the street. If you didn't want enjoy the coffee, you can just sit and take tons of photos on the bench along the way. Or later, in the afternoon, when the crowds gathering, you can enjoy local shows during the weekend.

Likewise, this is my favorite yellow autumn in Korea. 

How to get there: Take KTX/ Mugunghwa from Yongsan/ Seoul Station to Onyang Oncheon Station. From there, you can take a bus no. 240,731 or 730. Easier, from the station you can take a taxi for less KRW 5000.

5. Samcheong-ro 



This year has been hard for us to traveling around because of the pandemic. The situation itself was fluctuating and worry us so much. That's why I didn't go much farther from the Seoul Metropolitan Area to enjoy the autumn at the weekend. Plus, I've been so busy with zoom meetings even during the weekend. I want to visit the palaces but have no time and heard that the crowds are huge in there. That's why I canceled it. Nonetheless, I manage to visit a new place in Seoul during wandered around with my bicycle. 

It is Samcheong-ro, the street beside the Gyeongbok Palace. Yes, it is a street with a lot of cafes and stores. During the peak, the street was covered with yellow leaves like golden carpets. Sometimes, the wind blows the leaves that made a theatrical sight. That also the reason I fall from my bike because of a pothole covered by the leaves.

We stopped after I fell

I also visit Ilsan Lake Park but unfortunately the foliage has been finished. But it is a beautiful Park though, also shooting place for Lee Dong Wook's drama The Tale of a Gumiho.

What's left in the Ilsan Lake Park

Not enough?

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