Story Behind

Usually, I labeled my posts based on three main labels:

1. Jalan2 or Indonesian language of Traveling. 

I think this label is already crystal clear. I am Fly bird, I flew anywhere with my two legs, and thus experience inspired me to write all I've seen, feel,experienced, heard, touched, sensed while I'm out of my nest. In fact, Jalan-jalan is my most favorite hobby :)

Like it named, brain pop-up is everything that pass thru from my brain to my fingers. Any idea that poped-up at my daydreaming time or at my PMS time will be written here. A lot of this write is clearly just a crap, or emotionally writing. But hey sometimes, at our most emotionally times, we can write honestly. 
What I really want to write in this label are just what inside my brain before it's exploded.

The reason why I write under this label is simple. I am living in capital city, I saw how people acts 'differently'. Capital city is also a place where usually trend is invented, and widespread to another cities. 
And, due to all respects, I just can't resist to comenting how people behave recently. That's the real behind. 


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