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North Kyushu 3 Days Itinerary

Kyushu Island is one of the less explored islands in Japan, especially for tourists. In fact, like any other island in Japan, Kyushu has a lot of potentials especially the natural beauties.
The good thing for tourists, Japan Rail Corporation provides JR Kyushu Pass which much cheaper than JR Pass Japan Wide Area. There are several JR Kyushu Pass such as All Kyushu area Pass, Northern Kyushu Area Pass, Southern Area Pass which available for 3 days and 5 days Pass.
Since I only have 3 days on a long weekend and want to explore the northern Kyushu area, I booked 3 Days Northen Kyushu Area Pass which covering major stations: Hakata (Fukuoka), Kumamoto, Oita (including Yufuin) and Nagasaki. Even during 3 Days, I don't have time left to visit the famous Nagasaki. 
However, JR Pass coverage in Kyushu Island is a bit different from JR at Honshu Island. Most of the city networks in Kyushu are using subway, tram or buses that did not cover by JR. That's why, even if we buy JR Pass, we will…

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