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Must Visit Place to Enjoy Autumn in South Korea

Autumn in South Korea is super gorgeous!  After harsh summer with +/- 40 degrees Celsius and high humidity, autumn is like a short redemption before we start another winter. Autumn last during the short period : mid October until mid November. That time, the temperature get cooler around 8 degrees until 17 degrees and the most of all, trees are starting to change colors.
Autumn start in northern part, Pyeongchang area-the same area that used for host of Olympic Winter Game and then goes down until Jeju Island.

During this my favorite season, I carefully plan my autumn trip during weekend according to the peak season. Start with Seoraksan until Naejangsan National Park. But due to the unplanned trip to Jeju Island, my schedule got messed up and I missed Daedunsan and Gwangju Trip. But that's okay, I will visit them next year, If i am still here of course.

Like I said, it started with Pyeongchang around mid October, but I skipped Pyeongchang because I visited pre-autumn season at H…

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