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Winter Wonderland in South Korea

South Korea in the winter is surely as cold as a freezer. With temperature sometimes reached minus twenty degrees Celcius, people wouldn't want to go everywhere instead of hiding behind the blanket and drink a cup of cocoa.

But what if we have a choice to explore the peninsula under the vision of Winter Wonderland?

Yes, winter in Korea is bone-chilling-cold with a low average of snowfall, but that makes people more creative to invite more visitors.

Along December and January, besides the come-alive of the ski resort, some places decorate themselves and make a light festival.

There is a lot of light festival in South Korea, but I will introduce the famous two.

Garden of Morning Calm at Gapyeong

This private garden is very famous among Korean Drama Lovers, especially during Spring or Autumn whereas colorful flowers blooming or red and yellow leaves paint the horizon.

Since most of the plants are gone 'bald' in the winter, the garden management held The Light Festival during…

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