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Eulalia Flower Festival (Seoul Siver Grass Festival)

Have I told you that Seoul has specifically gorgeous sunset? Especially on Autumn, when the sky at its brightest blue. Then picturing it as a background of land of silver grass. The wind was blowing softly, you can feel the crisp of the air and then that's the moment when you really blend with the nature.

There are numerous ways to enjoy sunset in Seoul, Eulalia Flower Festival is something else. Located near to World cup Stadium in Mapo, Eulalia field located in one of several parks, namely Haneul Park.

Haneul Park itself located at top of the hill, therefore to go there, it will need some effort to climb the hill. But, if you are patient with long queue, there are shuttle buggy car cost KRW 2,000 that will take you to the top of the hill.

Ah, to go there via public transport is easy, take line number 6  and get off at World Cup Stadium Station and take exit number 1. Just across the exit, there is a bridge and a bus stop for bus number Mapo 08 and 8777. Both bus can take you to…

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