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Weekend Gateway at Yeosu, the Coastal City

Have you ever heard about Yeosu? Yeosu is a city located in the southern part of the Korea Peninsula, about more than 400 kilometers from the Capital, Seoul. Yeosu is quite famous back to 2012 when they host the World Expo. A special Expo complex built near to the harbor which transforms into popular tourist destinations up until now. And for Korean Drama Lovers, Yeosu was filming-location of Bae Suzy's drama Uncontrollably Fond back in 2016. I visited Yeosu in mid-June because the COVID-19 spread in South Korea has been slowed down and I need to go outside of Seoul. I have canceled two overseas trips during February and March because of COVID-19 and really need to make a trip to clear my mind. So,  Yeosu is one of the destinations that I've been eyeing for a long time (2017 to be exact). To go there from Seoul is quite easy, just hop on KTX Train from Seoul Station to Yeosu Expo Station for 2.5 hours. Or just fly with local airlines for a 1-hour trip. I took the first option. 

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