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Japan in 14 Days, the Unpopular Itinerary

I have this long love for Japan due to many things. Its natural beauty, the food, the courtesy, and the uniqueness. It may be because I grew up closely with Japan manga, anime and dorama. Therefore,  Japan is like the second country home- in terms of knowing their customs and habit (even festivals).
When there is a tension between South Korea and Japan recently that made flight fare between two countries drops significantly, I have become an opportunist :)
During the last couple of months, I've been to Japan 3 times, two short visits (during the weekend) and one full week.  Flight fare from Seoul to any big cities in Japan is very competitive, started from USD 100- USD300 depend on the schedule and airlines. 
Since my visit is quite scattered, I will compact it and write the itinerary here based on easier access and time considerations. I went to 'classic itinerary' since it is a big family trip, also unpopular places like Nagoya and Kobe.

This is the full list of the iti…

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