Using Busway in Jakarta

Line up at Shelter TransJakarta
I am a frequent user of busway especially corridor I Jakarta Kota-blok M. I used to go on 7 pm and go back at 5-7 pm. I am using busway as my primary transportation since 2009 and I am a captive user.
According to my daily routine using busway, I've seen a lot of unbelievable things,something that I don't expected till something pissed me off.
Public said that busway isn't safe enough for sex-abuse criminal- well i couldn't more agree than that, but there are several tips to make your trip safer ( applied at corridor I and hope to another corridor):
#1 don't ever think to use your high heel shoes because u will thru a long distance. First u must 'climb' the bridge then u must down to the shelter.

#2 prepare the exact amount for buying the cost IDR 3500. If u intend to be the frequent user u should buy Jakcard at least it will reduce ur time to queue. With JAkcard u don't need to queue the line.
#3 after enter ur pass card /ticket into the machine, at the specific hour u will experienced the long queue. The specific hour refer to rainy day, busy hour (7-9 and 17-19). If u see there is a long queue,choose the right or left line. The right one usually the fastest queue. The left line will give u air to breathe. The center line will give u only the hottest air and the longest queue.
#4 bring a fan,book,magazine or anything else to avoid the hot water ruin your make up. There isn't no air con, and fresh air flow along your queue
#5 prepare ur wide heart. When u queue, u must hold your anger when u see There are some people who never learnt how to queue with manner. When someone piss u lot because she/he didn't queue accordingly,before u start to fight with them,know ur enemy applied!not few of this people love to fight with u and more ruin your day
#6 statued your body!don't let any one get too close with ur body moreover lay any part of his/her body on u. Make a shield to ur body with ur bag or anything else. Statued your body mean u prepare ur self when u get push with someone behind u.
#7 be tough. The crucial point when u queue is when u enter the bus. Suddenly, there is a big flow of push from people behind u when the bus get near to the the best way to avoid u fall is prepare ur self.
#8 when u enter the bus,choose the left side (the rear side of the bus). People tends to choose the right side of bus (frontside),so when u choose the left side u will get more space than the right side.
#9 if u unlucky enough and didn't get the chair, u must enter to the front or rear inside bus. Don't stand near to the door!

#10 prepare ur Mask if u someone who couldn't bear unbearable smell. When people stand up at busway,they will be hang their hand at the handle. There are some people who wander outside all along day and make em produce a 'smell'. To avoid u get dizzy and puke, please just wear ur mask.
#11 do care with your things. Just don't let anyone get too close with u. Sometimes there is a pickpocket who steal ur things when u barely move because of the crowd. And there is a 'chance taker' who like to stuck with your body. If it happens, be brave don't scare to scream or angry. Don't cry, some exhibitionist will more excited if you cry. FYI, it is applied to boys and girls, not only for girls. But be notice it isn't happen all the time. Don't get scare, it is rarely happen.
#12 entertain your self. There is few people who'd like to chit chat with u along the bus. And not rare, someone who too companionable with you is someone who have bad motive with u. Talk if necessary,there are lot of other place to found your love one (trust me). People who travel with busway usually entertain their self with their mobile phone ( read: blackberry).
# 13 when ur destination is closing in, get near to the door to prepare your self.
Well that is several tips from me when u travel with busway. Somehow busway is the most comfortable moda in Jakarta than common bus (metromini), or mikrolet.
I hope my tips will easing you to trip with busway, and the most important saving u from chance taker. That's all!


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