how to talk with your man (ladies deepest secret)

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When I have lunch with 2 man (read:father and married) and my lil chit-chat friend,we are involved at a serious discussion about relationship. Previously my chit-friend whining about how ignorance her boyfriend,they have a serial fight 3 months in a row and break up about 3times (once per month) and she said the causes is quite simple-first unanswered telephone,second-mysterious girl's romantic text and third forgot to tell that he is going somewhere.
Those 'simple' causes are attract what we called umm high tone-f-word,and destroy thing.well what's the real problem?
Because my friend is lost her way to communicate with her bf. she has spoke about an hour to his bf over telephone and her bf was enjoying watching tv.
One of man at my lunch-desk comment that man is hard to listen voice of his couple whose sounds 'tweety' (we usually called it broken radio), whatever she tell is evaporate at the next second. "we are human whom learning from what we see not what we heard,so when you talk we lost our focus to another attracting things (such as tv or another girl),so trust me you are wasting your time"
Well,I had experiences to deal with "not listening man". How many times I tried to talk with him by soft talk,loud talk or flirting talk-isn't work at all! When I tried to protest their bad behavior,they just say yes and never's frustrating me of course but actually I finally found the best way to manage anger caused by our ignorance boyfriend with less care about what they do. Just willing and permit him do everything they do (nb:not destructive relationship activities such as cheating) an we,women found another interesting to do except screaming at our boyfriend. Yeah trust me whatever our method,man isn't created to listen our anger but watching our body *sigh

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