Is it Jakarta (Indonesia) not save for foreigner?

Welcome Statue at Bundaran HI
Three of my friends are coming from Hongkong recently. Three of them are girls and single. They are born at hongkong, one of them grew at Texas, another live at korea,china and back to hongkong,the rest is at hongkong since she born till now and she don't like traveling (but she go to Korea,china,Thailand,Taiwan,more than me who love traveling.
So we chit chat about a bachelorette's life. About boyfriend (only one person have it-the Girly one), the idea of getting married (two of them seem not interesting), and las t Indonesia- especially Jakarta.
It is common for me to ask my friends who are foreigner about how'd they feel about Indonesia. And usually they are honest.
They said jakarta is so big city (common comment and hey they don't know exactly how large this city neither me)
Then the weather is so hot like we are at summer ( yeah they also prepare umbrella to walk about 25 meters)
The food is so hot! They barely eat it, it is burning!(we have specialities with chili not pepper)
They love gurami ( Indonesian love it too)
Then the last, unexpected they said "actually Indonesia quite save,isn't it?"
It is bit surprise me :( "why you said so?"
"my friends forbid us to come Indonesia because indo isn't save enough for traveller" (I guess her friend is looser )
"save from what exactly?"
"I don't know,just doesn't save for us wander around a while."
"do u mean from pickpocket?"
"no,i don't know exactly,of course at hongkong there is too"
"so from what? There arent mafia, yakuza,volturi,voldemort here. there is terrorist and they seem lost interest at foreigner,but FYI there is just small number of terrorist case. I think every country has it's problem but in Indonesia, media is overblown it."
"yeah, couldn't agree no more" she replied.
"I don't know what u heard from your friend,except the traffic jam, Jakarta,moreover indonesia is Given land moreover there outside Jakarta"
What's the point is foreigners believe that Jakarta(Indonesia) isn't save place to visit. We know that some country had issued travel warning for their citizen at the past. But it isn't make Indonesia will harm you in every possible way. Jakarta-the capital region of Indonesia have it's traffic jam, but we also have historical place to visit, a big shopping land which I believe make foreigner also surprised too (grand indo-plaza indo), we have play land which challenge you till you pee at your pants (dunia fantasi), semi traditional market which cheap as your demanded (pasar baru,mangga dua,tanabang,asemka) and many mores. Don't bother the hot weather (won't burn you unless you are a vampire), the flood when rain coming (as long you didn't forget bring your umbrella), traffic jam (avoid the rush hour, just use the bike) but overall Jakarta and Indonesia is save place to visit.
Yup this makes me really-really excite me to visit the exotic of Indonesia :)

me and my pals

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