Must Visit Place to Enjoy Autumn in South Korea (Part I)

Ginkgo Tree Lane at Asan
Autumn in South Korea is super gorgeous!  After harsh summer with +/- 40 degrees Celsius and high humidity, autumn is like a short redemption before we start another winter. Autumn lasts during the short period: mid-October until mid-November. That time, the temperature gets cooler around 8 degrees until 17 degrees, and most of all, trees are starting to change colors.

Autumn starts in the northern part, Pyeongchang area-the same area that used for a host of Olympic Winter Game and then goes down until Jeju Island.

During this my favorite season, I carefully plan my autumn trip during the weekend according to the peak season. Start with Seoraksan until Naejangsan National Park. But due to the unplanned trip to Jeju Island, my schedule got messed up and I missed Daedunsan and Gwangju Trip. But that's okay, I will visit them next year, If I am still here of course.

Like I said, it started with Pyeongchang around mid-October, but I skipped Pyeongchang because I visited the pre-autumn season at Haneul Park or Nari Park.

There are many of Fall Foliage destinations in South Korea, so it will really depend on your schedule to visit.I will breakdown the must-visit places according to the peak date, as follows:

1. Seoraksan (20 October 2018)

Walking Trail to Biryong Falls
Seoraksan is the most popular destination during the Autumn season because it's close proximity from the capital, Seoul. That's why during the peak season, visitors should spare extra hours for traffic jams and walking time. 

My journey in the autumn starts here. We visited during peak time but many trees have shaded their leaves especially the one that has direct exposures to sunlight. That's why we chose less popular tracks, Biryong Falls-that turns out as crowded as the main trail.

Track to Biryong Falls is 2.7 km long with medium skilled needed. There are steep pathways but not many. 

During the trial, you can enjoy the fresh colors of red and yellow trees and most of all the calming sound of the river.

Biryong Falls

Biryong Falls itself is not too high and so-so. But the journey to reach there is very beautiful and refreshing. I rated the trip here 3.5 starred.

2. Seoul Grand Park, 21 October 2018

Actually, this trip is unplanned because we are still tired from yesterday's tracking, we chose a place that not too far from Seoul.

Seoul Grand Park is a complex zoo, park, and amusement park. It is just located +/-15kilometes from downtown. I knew the autumn wasn't coming yet to Seoul during that time, but I took a bet that at least we can see some parts of fall foliage.

The zoo that turned into colorful hills

But I experienced better than I expected. Most of the hills were red and yellow, also the most interesting part, we can experience almost all the areas thru cable cars.  We purchase a one-way cable car which covered two different part of the park. We assumed, we can go back by walking after getting off at the last stop while enjoying the zoo.

Cable Car
And we are not wrong at all, the scenery was gorgeous, even could beat Seoraksan. Because this spot is rarely recommended by anyone on the internet!

Super Gorgeous fall foliage at a parking lot

How to Get There: Metro Line 4 exit 2 Seoul Grand Park

3. Nami Island and Morning Garden Calm (27 October 2018)

Nami Island is one of the most popular destinations to enjoy fall foliage, especially among tourists. The popularity is massive that attracts million of visitors as well as traffic jam.

I visited the island on late of October just according to the peak predictions, turned out rain has make the leaves fall earlier than expected. We arrived there with almost halves of trees already shedded.

The most popular view is The Ginkgo trees lane that yellowing both the sky and land. But be alerted, Ginkgo trees in here are female with special odor and sticky fruits.
So Crowded!

The Yellow Canopy

Morning Garden Calm

Farther than Nami Island, still in the same areas, there is a popular spot for K-drama Shooting, Morning Garden Calm. This private garden is popular during spring and winter, but of course, in autumn, this garden is still gorgeous!

Colorful Morning Garden Calm

like a painting

a typical wooden fence that I love!

Also, in here we can have bonuses to see a lot of flowers included chrysanthemum in many varieties!

4. Asan (3 November 2018)

Here is the secret, Asan Eunhaeng Namu Gill or Asan Ginkgo tree lane is an underrated beautiful place that should be listed on your bucket list.

Asan is the neighbor city of Seoul that famous because of Gingko trees. It is just 2.5 hours journey by metro or one hour 15 minutes by Nuriro Train. After the long journey in the early morning, everything was paid off.

All yelow, no filter required

View from Riverbank

The lane is stretched 2 kilometers away along the riverbank, not included young ginkgo trees lane that yet developed canopy.  Not many crowds in there, especially when you arrive early morning.

You can sit in the middle of the road also

The interesting part, ginkgo trees here are male so no strange odor or sticky fruits in the street.

Not far from the lane, there is a shrine, Hyeonchungsa Shrine that also a must-visit place during the autumn. The star is the same, the Ginkgo trees but in this spacious shrine, you can do a little picnic in the park.

Just Sit on the bench

or enjoying the pond

How to get there:
Take KTX or Nuriro or Metro Line I.
For KTX/Nuriro get off at Cheonan Asan Station transit to metro line 1, get pff at Onyang Oncheon Station and take bus 971, arrive at Chungnam Gyeongje Promotion Center.

5. Downtown Seoul (4 November 2018)
Well, if you'd prefer to stay in downtown Seoul, there are numerous places to enjoy autumn. In early November, the city's landscape starts to become so colorful.

Since Seoul is surrounded by hills and mountains, you can see the hills covered by yellow, red, and green color. Start from Namsan, Samnak, and Bukhansan.

Autumn at Gyeongbokgung

Autumn at Yeouido Park

6. Naejangsan (10 November 2018)

Naejangsan should be creme de la creme, the most beautiful place to see during autumn. But unfortunately, I visited two days after the peak and two days after heavy rain in  Korea. Almost all the leaves have been fallen, but even that, the Naejangsan National Park is still very gorgeous.

Naejangsan located 3 hours away from Seoul and home of Maple Trees. Every corner of the city of Jeongeoup (Naejangsan located in here), is covered by red colors of Maple trees.

Famous pavilion in Naejangsan

2 kilometers away tracking to the temple

Temple at Naejangsan

Since I love maple trees, of course, next year I will visit Naejangsan again maybe 2 days before peak-predictions. I even tried to hike to the observatory, but most of the trees already shed also.

So, depend on when you come to Korea or your love between Ginkgo and Maple, autumn in South Korea is the most beautiful time to visit this country.

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