Early Autumn at Yangju Nari Park

Muhlenbergia Capilaris at Background

Three years ago, I saw a beautiful picture of Kochia Flowers at Hitachi Seaside Park, Japan. That's made me wonder whether there are kochia park in South Korea, since they have pretty much same season.

By the power of internet, I found a kochia park near to Seoul, just couple hours away. But no matter how many articles i read, there are no hint when I can see the Red kochia season. Some suggest early october because in mid october, many plants has been destroyed by visitor, on other hand, at end of october will be too late because red kochia should be at early autumn.

Then, I picked today, October 03rd to visit Yangju Nari Park in Gyeonggi province. To visit Yangju Nari Park is not difficult at all. Take a subway line 1 (to Seoyongsan) then get off at Dobongsan Station exit 1. Just across the street, there is a bus stop and take bus number 118 to Merujimaeul bus stop. Yangju Nari Park is just across the bus stop. The most challenging thing when rode a local bus is because of no alphabet description at bus. But no need to worry, just install navermap or citymapper in your phone, then voila, you'll be arrived in time.

When I was arrived there at 12 o'clock, many peoples have been there queue for the ticket. Entrance fee is KRW 2,000.

In fact Yangju Nari Park is so vast! Not only Kochia, but there are other flowers and vegetables plant also.Unfortunately, Kochia is still green at early October! Some has been reddened and yes, there are some damages already at the park, sign of irresponsible  visitors!

Kochia itself is not flower (i guess!) , it is herb plant and  like a bush. Some people called it burning bush because when the weather is cooling down, green kochia transforms to red burning bush. But I am not disappoint though, Green Kochia also cute, just like Tangela monster at Pokemon!

Just like i said, not only Kochia, there are vast park of Globe Amaranth! Globe Amaranth is 'eternal' flowers. Believed that the flowers last almost 1000 days  and that's made it called as eternal flowers just like Korean love.....At Indonesia, we have eternal flower called eudelwis.

Purple Globe Amarath
Closer Look

Also, there is rose garden, again with huge and many colors of roses. And the other main flower is  muhlenbergia capillaris. Difficult to spell, right? We can call it Muhly! This Muhly guy is a grass that have two layers of leaf, one green and the other one is purple-pinkish. Again, when i was there, the muhly is not yet too bright! but still very instragamable!

Pink Muhly Grass

 The good thing about this park is so many picturesque spot that already provided. But, there are no restaurants nearby. There are popped-up stalled selling korean foods, ice cream and snacks!
Another Picturesque Spot

Hello, I am calling from the middle of nowhere!

I stayed here for 1.5 hours then left because of hunger and the hot sun. I take a bus 118 and get off at Hoeryong Station. Walked around the city and found very nice sushi restaurant at second floor. The restaurant name is SushiBaek, a very recommended place for good salmon sushi.

Overall, It is a great park! and two hours away from Seoul is worth it!!! Please note that I am not using any filter or editing for my pictures (because i have no time!).

Please wait for my other post regarding autumn season at South Korea! I am very excited!

Always, Selfie!


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