Must Visit Place to Enjoy Autumn in South Korea Part II

Whoa, it is my second Autumn in Seoul and I really wanted to plan it carefully according to my plan! But this year's Autumn super late compared to last year.  The summer lasted longer, the temperature fleeting in 20 degrees Celsius, the leaves wouldn't start to change the colors.

Also the government's autumn peak prediction this year was quite off. I went to Bukhansan,  a week later than the prediction, yet the Fall Foliage was not there.

Even though this year Autumn is a bit messed up but I managed to get some places, by coming two weeks later than the prediction. What an odd! haha.

So let's start to visit the Autumn Spot in Korea!

1. Jamwon Han-gang Park

Along the Han River line, there are a lot of beautiful parks that shine differently each season depending on the plant grows there. Between the famous Banpo Bridge and Hannam Bridge, there is Pink- Muhly Park that usually starts to change color when the weather got cooler. Not exactly at Autumn, but usually during early October.

The Park is not big, but quiet enough to take a lot of pictures without being disturbed.
Pink Muhly

2. October 26th, Daedunsan National Park
The Famous Red Bridge
Daedunsan National park is one of the famous Autumn destinations in Korea. Located in Jeolla province, it is about two and half hour ride by bus or car from Seoul.

Hiking in Daedusan is quite energy draining because the stairs are steeps and thousands of them. The most famous sight is the red bridge that erects almost 70 degrees, connecting between two peaks. The suspension bridge is shaking whenever the strong wind blows, so it is an adrenaline-climb.

But the view on the top is amazing. Vast green landscape and blue sky, just remind us how small we are as humans.

Inside the Cable Car
To reach the bridge, we will need to ride the cable car that usually gets crowded during the autumn season. The waiting line can take 40 minutes to ride. Then we will need to climb hundreds of stairs to see this view.

Landscape at Daedusan

As you can see, the trees are not fully color changed, some areas are still green because of late Autumn. And The yellow dust is quite significant in 2019.

3. November 1st, Olympic Park

Trees at Olympic Park
Stay in Seoul and didn't want to go outside of the town during the early autumn season? then you need to go to the eastern part of Seoul, the Jamsil area to be exact.

Jamsil area is famous during the held of Olympic in South Korea. There is a big stadium built in there and even there is no more Olympic, but the exact facility is still one of the crowd destinations for just strolling or enjoy the afternoon.

Since it is a big stadium, the place is full of beautiful trees that start to change colors during Autumn. One of the most beautiful spots in the street outside the exit of Mongchontoseong Station. There is a line of Ginko tree that will fully yellowed when peak season.

Not far from the pedestrian, there is also a beautiful pond. You can just sit in the stairs watching the pond and accompanied by your spouse, or just the black raccoon that usually popped up uninvited.

The Pond

4. November 2nd, Seoul Grand Park

Like I told you in the previous post, Seoul Grand Park is one of the best gems at Seoul that transforms beautifully during both Autumn and Spring Season. The close proximity from Seoul makes Seoul Grand Park is one of the must-visit spots during the teen temperature.

Just enjoy the cable car or walking around the zoo is the best you can do.

I will not explain more, just see the pictures, please.

The Ridiculously beautiful Lake

Stroll Around the Zoo

Elephant approval

My happy face

5. November 9th, Naejangsan

Naejangsan in Autumn

Naejangsan National Park is the top-rated as the most beautiful place to visit in South Korea during autumn. No kidding, there are thousands of different varieties of maple trees that burst out-red during the season. There are a maple corridor, cable car, and a super beautiful pond with a pavilion in the middle.

Since it is beautiful, this place is super crowded during the peak season. Considering the location is far away from Seoul (about 4 hours ride with the jam), you will need to go in the earliest morning so you still can have time to queue the cable car before back to Seoul.

I've been there twice but I still don't have time to ride the cable car. Plus, this year I arrived a bit early than the peak season.

But it is still worth it. Still one of my favorite autumn spots in Korea.

Naejangsan maple tunnel

Still yet fully red
6. November 10th, Seoul Forest

Me at Seoul Forest
 Actually, Seoul Forest is recommended by my colleague at the office. He said that it is one of the best chill-out spots in Seoul and transforms into a magical place during the spring. But I tried my luck during autumn since Seoul Forest is a very huge place with a lot of vegetation.

There are so many entrances at Seoul Forest but the best one at Autumn is near to exit 8. It is like mini Nami Island. So if you don't have a lot of time to go out of the town, just visit Seoul Forest and chill out in there. On the plus side, there are few tourists here, usually, only local peoples visit the park so it is more comfortable.

Ginkgo Forest

7. Namsan Hiking Trail, 16th November

View from Namsan Tower

I think this is the highlight of my Autumn experience in 2019. It is super beautiful and I found an off-beaten track that connects Namsan tower to the Namsan Botanical Garden through the mountain.

At first, I went to the Namsan Tower and enjoy the colorful hills and Odaeng in my right hand. Then descending, my initial destination is Namsan Botanical Garden, but in the middle, I found the hiking trail through the mountain. I just forget the main road and follow the path yet I found a paradise on my own.

The path is not long, maybe just 1-kilo meter.  But the scenery is untouchable. The maple canopy, the smells of woods and the fallen maple leaves. Once I arrive at the Namsan Botanical Garden, I found the garden is a carpet of yellow leaves. So beautiful!

the natural Yellow Carpet
Of Course, I must take a photo

 Exiting the garden, my adventure is not finished, the pedestrian along the Sowol-ro is super beautiful. You can even walk another 3 kilometers to reach Myeongdong and enjoy the line up of unspoiled Ginkgo tree-which almost no one walk in there instead of you and your gang.

Sowol-ro with Namsan view
So that's my chronicle of autumn in South Korea.

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