Runaway Sunday on Kebun Raya Bogor

Front field of Kebun Raya Bogor
In case you have a spare time to little escape, there is a place not far from Jakarta, and has an easy accessbility, Kebun Raya Bogor.

It is very easy to access there. From Jakarta, we can reach there via Commuter Line which  operated several times in hourly basis. From Bogor Station, we can hop on city transport and pay only for IDR2000,- for the fee.

At entrance, we should pay for IDR 14,000 for local tourists and then we can wander arround searching for cozy spot.
Don't forget to picnic
Don't forget to pack  your lunch and started to picnic under the tree. Feel the breeze and fulfill your lungs with free O2.
Oke\ I lied, when I was there, It is hot and the wind isn't waving no matter where I sit. In secs, I sweat like an ocean.
But no problem at all, the green scenary and the feel of grass is a very expensive moment for Jakarta citizens.

If you didn't want to picnic like in a countryside, there is a cafe inside of Kebun Raya. From the outside, the cafe is seems fine. Sometimes, people held their wedding in this cafe. It is kinda romantic though. The outdoor theme is appealing unless it is not on rainny day (don't forget the fact that Bogor is the most rainny city in Indonesia-learnt it in elementary school)

Cafe Dedaunan
I bring my own lunch, so I didn't went to Cafe dedaunan. Refer to my friend's testimonial, the rate is rather expensive in there. But, once again, don't let this subjective opinion discourage you, my friends are merely college freshman when they visited there. Their value of money is bit different from common people (hihihi..sorry guys)

Kebun Raya Bogor is a favorit place for Bogor's local citizens. Despite its cheap, it is usually used as gather point to meet. afforable, fast and enjoyable picnic! it is like buying McDonalds on drive thru-line. Affordable and satisfy your basic needs. 

As long as my eyes saw it, there are lot of young couple in there. They are usually take pre-wedding pictures with the settings of forest-wanna be. Just change the filter to lomo, sephia, or black and white and don't forget to bring the bicycle and act like old postman hearting local and shy girl. Ah, splendid!

There is a park with water fontain and red bridge inside Kebun Raya Bogor. The spot is perfect place to picnic or just for lay your head in green carpet of grass. Don't be affraid to get wet or dirty, just carefully choose the dry spot
Beside for pre-wedding, you can being narsistic in here. No one bothered you with your unique pose to be taken on photograph. Because the park is too way vast, and not realy crowded even it is on sunday.

You can copy my pose and my friends's below ;p

Of course there are conservatories in Kebun Raya Bogor, like conservatory for Orchid and Bunga Bangkai. 

Bogor Botanical Garden claimed their self as one of biggest and most complete botanical garden in the world. Based on their  website, it is stated that until 2010, there are 4300 spesimens grow in there. 

It is like  forest in the heart of Bogor city with very old collections. Even Dee Lestari Iindonesian famous writer) is inspired with Kebun Raya Bogor when she wrote Supernova Partikel ;p

You can stay all day long in Kebun Raya Bogor, but I suggest to start local culinary adventour in Bogor. There are a lot of choice in there, like Lasagna, Macaroni tutup or Mie hot plate and of course Klapertaart. You can buy those at once in Jalan Pangrango, in front of Mirah Hotel.

Over all, Kebun Raya Bogor isn't dissappointing or wonderfull. I enjoy it in there ( i wish the weather is more friendly but don't mind). It is very great spot to take a pic. The Trees are wonderfull and vary.

Well, that's all my short note about Kebun Raya Bogor. Thanks to my friends for accompanying me to picnic.

Talent : Widy, Ari, Rahmat.
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