Bromance vs Sisterhood

Last couple of weeks, I was very fascinated when witnessing how great the bond between men.

To be honest, I always jealous with friendship between men. Not to be mentioned that I don't grateful with my current sisterhood, no I am not! I love my besties (read : girl friends) but somehow I noticed that there is huge difference between bromance and sisterhood (find out why I am using 'bromance instead of brotherhood later).

My first wake up call is when I accompanied one of my friend (male) visiting his highschool friend's home. Acting like his own home, my friend come in and start to eating dinner casually. His friend's wife, is welcome my friend like seeing her husband relative.

I asked my friend; are you frequently visiting your friend?
Surprised me, he answered that he almost visit them every week, every time when my friend has no where else to go.

That time, I deeply jealous of him. I am thinking about my besties, especially them whom already married. It is so hard to see 'em frequently due to millions reason. They tend to be afraid of their husband so I automatically judge my besties didn't have a slot time for me anymore. Their life is changing, so why 'em bother their life with my stuff?

Flying to my hometown, I met with my highschool friends, men. Same case with my previously friend, one of them is already married. Despite they're bonded with job's stuff, but they go almost every day together, including night time. That time, I questioning from the deepest of my shallow mind, Is his wife didn't bug 'em because her husband spent more time with his friend instead of her?

Still envying their strong bond, I flied back to Jakarta and suddenly begging one of my besties to meet me. This time I tried to visit my girl friend's house at all costs. Ignoring the loooong distant, limited time and my own accessbility.
Arriving there, and get distracted with her little daughter for awhile, I finally talk with her, heart to heart. 

My visit is like out of the blue from my friend's point of view. she saw it like Seven wonders. I realized that I missed her, and (hopefully) she does too. But her husband knows it better, he know every time girls meet,what they really do is just crying out loud their blue heart. Girls always sharing each other when they met because girls can't manage their goddamn sensitive heart especially when they are trapped in life (read : problem).

Of course I denied it. My objective is to breaking off my early judgement. I am naively insist that my besties still having me in their heart. Marriage didn't change their feeling towards me. I believed that girls is like men, marriage didn't change the sisterhood. 

My jealousy pushes me to do that. I tried to prove to only hell knows who, that somehow sisterhood is also as strong as bromance. but of course I only lied to my self.

My friend's husband made me realize how difference sisterhood and bromance is. I never been a boy or man, so I never know how bromance really works, but I try to resume it from my shallow observations (do judge me, boys).

When boys met, they don't always share their heart. When boys met, they just simply met, literally. No hidden agenda like burst out their heart. They met only for playing playstation or just simply talking about sports.

Girls are different. May be, initially they met for one particular reason, like shopping. But after they finished, they started to talk heart to heart, raped out their heart to easening their 'life'. Nothing wrong about that, because its girls nature, sharing. But time after time.  it is become demanding.  If girl met her bestfriend but didn't have a chance to sharing, she will deep down dissapointed, like something is still remains inside and at the end of the day, she felt her meeting is pointless. 
What's the point of meeting if  we don't know what her current status of her emerging heart?

Boys didn't do that of course. If they want to share, they talk. If not, they will buried his own problem until worms find it out under the soil. 

It is very matter for the girls. When you are get 'bestfriend' bandage, it is mean that you must talk your heart and listen to her heart. If you are not, you are no longer best friend. 

Don't laugh, it is really true. Sisterhood is kinda possesive, if you brave enough to admit. I got mad when I don't hear any important news from my besties, instead I hear it from third hand. In other hand, Boys didn't bother that.

So, all of this time, I envying bromance and I never realized the causes why I so much angry with my sisterhood. I am demanding to them, asking them to stay close (read : share) and blaming their marriage. That's the suck thing  about leaving behind of marriage racing between girls,  I don't bother any other prejudice, but I bother the left-out feeling. 

Do boys angry to his bestfriend? I bet yes, but do they kept silent each other until the rest of their life and burried their anger into curse? I bet no. Girls are once again different. They mad each other but burried it in the deepest of their heart and then eventually breaking up their sisterhood. Why I use 'breaking' word? because it is hurt like breaking up with couple. Once they are breaking up, only the miracles are able to do the magic to reunite them again. The scars is like Kenshin Himura's sword mark in his cheek, sticking until death. 

Yes I am being sarcasm here. Sisterhood should be sis-mance, because it is stick like a glue, possesive like fire burning and then breaking like ice drop, cold and hurt. Sisterhood is like relationship between woman and man, attention demanding, and heart-guarding. It is also easily broken. 

Bromance should be brotherhood, because sometimes it is aparted but never able to be broken. Their relationship isn't only contained with sensitive heart, but also understanding and the important thing mind their own business. whew!

I don't know may be I can speak a lot about sisterhood only because I am woman and never experienced bromance. But the way i see it, bromance is more loose and free. Not that I am descredited sisterhood. No I am not! Sisterhood is way more affectionate, but just like i said before It is really like couple relationship. We can loose it out too much unless we will lost it.

Well, I learned it hardly from my friends. May be what pissed me lately isn't because my besties so darn busy with their families, but my own lonely feeling. I should started to combine the strenght of bromance and sisterhood. I won't demanding but I won't stop affectionating my besties.

So which one is better? bromance or sisterhood? Of course I won't give the answers. I always envying bromance, but I am grateful with my busy besties. May be the best of all is relationship between human and pet, dog especially. Hahaha...I am kidding, it is not funny at all when I shared my heart and only receive "guk..guk..." for the answers. 

Find  my new besties ;0


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