Tea walk at Gunung Mas Tea Plantation, Cisarua Bogor

Yesterday, invited by my friend, I went to Puncak-Bogor whom really famous among Jakarta Citizens. This time my destination is Gunung Mas Tea Plantation-the one who produced the well known tea brand- Walini (this brand very famous abroad). The Plantation is not very far from Taman Safari Indonesia Indah Cisarua Bogor and could be reached on a half on hour from Bogor or an half and an hour from Jakarta (excluding the traffic jam).
This time, I won't give long description about my tea walk over there. I will show you my pictures as I captured from my idevice (because i feel i am so chatty recently).
When I arrived there, so this is the first path which I should took before start my tea walk (see the picture below)

Passing the local shop (left side-picture above), and toilet, I got here to start climb the hill - the beginning of my tea walk (picture below).

I also shot the healthy tea leaf (free from caterpillar bite). The tea bud is the one that should pick to produce a delicious tea.

I also met the worker - leaf picker!! They are very welcome and nice!!If they willing, you can take a picture with them :) (picture below)

There are also trees in there. This is a pine (image below). You can hide under the trees and see the very-very blue sky above the trees.

Longer the tea walk, I am reaching the another side of the hill and enjoying the sun rise without got burn :)

After finished my tea walk, I can see there are new cottages over there. Seems comfort and beautiful, some times i will go there and enjoying the night in the middle of tea garden.

There is also a workshop over there. We can buy original tea Walini with cheaper price and various kind of tea. I also can see the production process of the tea bag directly behind the glass at the shop.

As a closure of my tea walk, I went to tea cafe and enjoying pot of tea add with fried banana :)
Well, now i feel healthy and fresh.

Hope you enjoy my pictures.
PS. Before going there, please be attention to the road open-close hour (weekend only) schedule. At the certain hour, the main road going there will be closed to reduce the traffic jam. If you don't notice this schedule, you could be trapped (like me)..almost an half and an hour on the road just waiting the road to be opened.
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