Epic Love

Today, I receive an epic wedding invitation from my High school friend (um..yeah..any invitation made me think a lot). Those couple are both my high school friend. First time being a couple was on 2002, and then several months later they broke up. After then, the man (based on his confession) never made any relationship to a woman after break up, along his college time and until 2009, when I met him and asked : "Why you don't date any girl?" and he answered calmly; " I don't know, I just felt there is only one person whom right for me, and she is my ex."
For those time being, he was being trolled by his friends. They said he is a big number one moron whom too faithful to a girl whom doesn't love him anymore. That time, I was amazed, i didn't make troll of him because I hardly believe those kind faith. Yes, it is a very thin wire to separated between a faithful love or stupid love. Ah FYI, as far i know (it should be not my concern), the girl had a boy friend couple times for that long waiting time.
And then on 2010, I heard they are couple again. I am very grateful that time, because finally my friend's queue time is over. And top of my happiness is today, when I received their wedding invitation.

Like a epic story rite? a boy who very miss the moon finally become an astronaut and went to Moon, pick up his love of life.
I know, their wedding is not ending of happy story in real life, it is just new beginning of brand new life. WHo knows what the ending? But one thing for sure, that made me chill (and my friend should remember it), he won't and can't waste his 8 years wait time for any constrain of his marriage.
Thats. make me remember my conversation with my friend yesterday. We accidentally observed our parents marriage and compare it with recently-wed-couple. Our parents, has like uncounted amount of toleration. How uniquely, strange, selfish,suck their spouse just like never make him to stopped being together. Marriage is like unbreakable bond, promise. It is like their life is tied forever and after no matter how horrible their fight. If it is not love anymore, but their spouse is a life mate. Sometimes, I am very amazed with my mom..how she able to live with someone like my father (when something goes wrong with my father's character). or at the other hand, I am amazed too with my father - how can he survive live with mom if she is like that?
In fact they survive each other. Another lesson learn from old couple...the song title- just the way you are...is a real happen..
Different with my observation on recently couple...-just the way you are-is very cliche..very 80's!! what happen is...'i love you just the way i am' . Toleration is very expensive thing. Tolerating is high energy-needed act. I don't know what exactly the cause of this trend. .May be the establishment of each person, the amount of preference, or the higher of logic (reducing the feeling)?
I don't know which one is better (because i haven't married yet hehehe). What i know, the less feeling, the less I hurt...but this one i know it the most that marriage is unbreakable vow.
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