Lucky Bast*rd

Meet Alvaro Bautista, Marco Simoncelli, Jorge Lorenzo, Dahlan Iskan, Espargaro (counter clockwise)

Last weekend, I lost my most favorite Uncle. He died because of brain internal bleeding. Mourning, I started to question what the definition of being lucky in our life.
I remember when I was a very young; my departed Uncle is very generous man with lot of smile. He is very handsome and as well rich. But, sadly, He has no wife or children. He only lives with his step mother in a very large house. That’s why, when I and my brothers came to his house, he was very grateful.  I also remembered that he kept the photos of my family on his sideboard and brag it to his guests. He said my family is his favorite one.
In recent years, He started to feel sick. He hardly defined between reality and imagination. He just like forgot what year it was and talk about past years. Sadly, I couldn’t spend more times with him on his last days. And then, what my family fear the most is finally turns out true. Right after his body buried, his family from his step mom line started to fight his legacy.
What makes me questioning about life God grant us a life with no such perfection. My Uncle, though he is very lucky having a handsome face and lot of money, but he was very lonely. He only has beautiful memories in his childhood. Thus, reflected how he frequently started to act like he was a child in his past days.
My best friend, she always whines how ordinary she is. She frequently thinking that God didn’t give her fabulous matters that she can be proud of. But If only she want to start feel a little grateful, God give her a very-very lovely family that sometimes it makes me jealous.
I don’t know if boys/ man ever feel this way, but yes girls frequently feel it. Seeing how lucky bastard someone, and start to thinking how God being unfair. As for me, I always believe there are no such perfections. Handsome and rich guy might not as ‘bling-bling’ as from my view, there always a hidden imperfections (ahahaha, yes I am being cynical once again).
Just see the bright side. Yes, there is no lucky bastard in this life. We might dazzled sometimes, seeing someone who easily acrobatic jumping in carrier path effortless, or a very rich guy with a very beautiful girl, or someone who won every times he enter a competition. But believe me, there always hidden imperfections! Just like Hideyoshi Takeshi said in Swordless Samurai “There is no such luck in life, luck is a right moment that come to our life when we are very ready”. Ready means you already well prepared.
Or you can just follow my friend principle whom born to be a very-very rich person. Once he said this : “So don’t blame me if I am born as billionaire’s son. I have no right to choose who my parents I want to be.” Yes, he is right! I can’t get jealous with his great attribute that he got since he open his eyes in this life, because I know then, when his both parents died of cancer, life is just a gamble. Sometimes we won on out top of the mountain, but sometimes we will sink at the bottom of the ocean. And yeaaaahhh don’t start questioning when will our ‘top of the mount’ time! We will get it when we started to believe it will come definitely sooner or later.
Well for me, some my friends said I am lucky BadA*s. Nah! I am not agree it previously till I realized when my friend said : “Oh my God you are so lucky, you have a time to travel every time and always had a story in it.”. Firstly I said “No, I am not travel a lot.” And he answered; “You do, you commute every day in the morning and late night to go to your office, you see a lot of people there, you observe their behavior, and have tons of inspirations from that.”
Like got hit by hammer, I am enlighten! Oh yes, even a very simple little thing in this life could be a very meaningful to others. As for me, my most lucky badass moment is when I bump to my favorite person, Mr.Dahlan Iskan-ministry of State Own Enterprises and accidently cut my director’s line to greet him. It is awesome because as I expect, I finally know his true beauty.
Be grateful, lucky badass!


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