Playing with the wild life at Taman Safari Indonesia Indah Cisarua Bogor

TSII gate

"Hello, human!" Greeting from the Hippo  

I am an animal lover. Once I want to refresh, I usually go to nearest zoo or safari park. I also have pets at my home. By watching my pets, I gain my happiness (so simple rite?)

Thus, also reflected to my choice of television channel. I love NatGeo Wild!! My channel barely change from  NatGeo Wild. 

Romantic Scene from the couple of hippo
Anyway, last sunday..I have a free time to do my annual visit to Taman Safari Indonesia Indah (TSII), Cisarua Bogor. It was my 3 times visit in 3 years in row.

What I love from TSII (both TSII Cisarua and Prigen) is the complete package that they offered. We are not only able to see the animals walking freely from the inside of car, but also we can play at the various recreation park and show.

Yesterday I departed from Jakarta head to Cisarua Bogor by 09.00 pm. I take the toll way from Ancol and exit to Ciawi Gate at 10.30 pm (with stopping at gas station and buying some stuffs). Fortunately, the tollway is relatively quiet. Exit from Ciawi, I just merged to Jalan Raya Puncak and head to TSII Cisarua Bogor.

Fire at Wild Wild West Show

Along the road, between Jalan raya puncak and before the TSII gate, we can find the local citizens selling fresh carrots and fruits. We can buy those to feed the animal;s inside the TSII. But from what I read on directory, visitors are prohibited to feeding any animals inside. It is our decisions to follow the warning or just too pity to the animal so we can held my self to feed them :p

Arrive to the Ivory Gate, we should pay for the entrance. Each 3 years above cost IDR 85,000 (for weekend and holiday) and IDR 15.000 for car. You should use Debit Card BNI to get 15% off for the entrance ticket.

Curug Jaksa
From the Gate, the developers provide rest area and toilet for us visitors before we go to the main park to see the animal.
Merged to the Main Park, the first animals I saw are Zebras and other herbivors (uh..yeah I forgot the name of each species). We can feed them thru our car's window, they pretty benign. Seemly, they know how to ask any food because they closing in the car's window and ask for any food with their sparkly eyes. We can touch the herbivors and may be get licked by them :)

Selendang Sutra at Safari Theatre
My Favorit spot is African area. We can find pack of lion (so far I count three Lion there), hippos and rhinos. What I wonder is how three lions coexsistence without any fight to acquired their regions. Hey, I watch Nat Geo, and In Africa, Lion fight with another lion to seize its pack and regions (umm...yeah may be those law didnt applied at Safari park).

My next favorite section is Tiger both from Bengala India and Sumatra
Tigriss. When I was there, one big tiger seems just woke up from his long sleep and get pissed. He walks slowly to each car in there and sniffing whether he can found any food left. But Don't worry!!!at each carnivors 'home', there is always a guard to protect the visitors from any danger.

Oh yes, the next carnivor I love is Bear. So far I know there are two kinds of bears live in TSII. The honey bear that colored dull black (so different with Winnie the pooh- the honey bear which yellow colored), and Brown Bear. The brown bear in there as cute as teddy bear. Uh I want to take 'em home instead i remember that they are carnivors hahahahha.

The King is Slee
Finishing my tour, I arrived to the Plaza Gajah (Elephant Plaza) or Parking Area A. We can found the Elephant show in there, or just ride the elephant and camel. I didn't stop at this area but I directly go thru the top of the map to see the Wild Wild West Show (W3S). The W3S is live cowboy show that offering us the fire, explosion, gun shot, action and comedy. I heard this show from my friend. He Said that this show is quite similiar with the show at universal Studio Singapore. Curious, I can't help my self comparing.
Basicly the W3S told a story about a cowboy town whereas the robbery, kidnappe, and murdery is exsist. The gunshots is real, both the explosion and and water splash. Seems like the gun shots are from the empty bullet. I can smell the gunpowder. On W3S is like stuntman show, we can see man fall from 2nd floor, or drown at the pool and fighting. What makes this show different from other stuntman show, there is animal to be involved. We can see the smart dog, cute cat, talented mice, or just a stout horse (wow, the horses so well maintained!!), and any other animals like buffalos or just hens.

From the special effects it self, I prefer at Universal Studio Singapore. There are more explosions and any destructive properties. Oh ya be warned!! if you don't want to get wet, don't sit at the front row.
Satisfied with the show, my next destination is to go to the waterfall. From the W3S, we can walk about 300 meters to the waterfall Curug Jaksa. Curug is sundanese language of waterfall. 300 meters walk is worth it to see the water fall from 20 meters height. The water is clear and cold of course.
My next destination is various animals show that held close to parking area B. The various animals show starred with the orangutan, chimps, Rangkong, poodles, humans of course and any other animals. The message from the show is to make us human more care with our wild life and stop acting carelessly to the nature. As long as the show is free, it is worth to see.

Pinguin at TSII
Shifting from the various animal show, I went to safari theatre. The Safari Theatre is like a circus show where we can found a girl trapped in the boxes and suddenly change to a man or tiger, any acrobatic show and my most favorite part is Selendang Sutra.  Selendang Sutra is performed by teenager couple that hmm..what I called?dancing and doing acrobatic with lay on the long scarf. I think the chemistry between the couple is great so I captivated by those show.
Rushing from Safari Theatre, I run to Tiger and Lion Show. Bit Late, I didn't got any seat. The seats are full!!! Well, I get excited by those fully seat. The Tiger show performed by three diviners and three Sumatran Tigriss. Considering tiger is a wild-wild animal, the tiger's ability to perform quite limited. The Diviners are busy to feed them to make 'em calm down. But whohoooooo....considering the risk, I gave them standing applause

Anjani, 3 yo White T
After the show, we can take a picture with white tiger by paying IDR 15.000,- When I saw the tiger, I remember that tiger is the same tiger with the tiger that I Taken picure with. The different of course the size. Now she is 3 years old with arround 90 kgs weight. Hoho...I think I pass to take a picture with such a huge baby.
Well, running out the time, I should going home. I didn't get the chance to watch all show such as Lion Sea show, Dolphin show, Bird Show etc. There are a lot of show there and i think all is worth to watch. You can see the schedule of the show at this page .
So thats all my report from TSII. Overall, IDR 85,000 is worth it! Ah plus, there are lot of playground in there. There are Merry Go round, small kora-kora, Gondolla, waterpark, and many mores. One full day isn't enough to try all of those!!! and from the ad, I saw there is Safari Night Adventure offered. May be next time I'll try it out.
Go there, and play with the Wild Life at TSII!!!

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