Kids in 90's

I was searching old files when i found This picture from my childhood. No need to think any longer, i posted that photo to my Facebook and tag Several person from my friend's list (that also at that picture). Thanks to Facebook (oh ya..believe me..This Is the first time i felt fb Is useful), my friends (from my friend's list) tag other friends in the photo..Gladly, i added my childhood friends to my friend list..and yes...the Connection Is Reconnect and the nostalgia moment Is begin!!!!
Suddenly, a big Flow of memories streaming to my i would Love to share my childhood on early 90's...

My elementary school isn't far from my home, but it Is far enough for a child to take a walk. So my Mom registered me to one of strongest man i know_mr.Sigit-the pedicab rider to delivered me to my school daily. Almost every child at my school Is subscriber of pedicab.
The interesting part of riding pedicab is pedicab race (i decide the Race by my self). Like no other rider, mr. Sigit Is old enough, but he Shall delivered 5 loud child home every day. I am the one who always shout to him to Ride faster and defeat the other driver at pedicab race but yes he always lost.
I remember i have 5 bestfriends that time (all girls), three are my class mates, two from other class. We Played almost every day, we shared flea, we took a bath, play traditional game, and tried to make money together. But one thing...yes we never studied together 😄😄😄
My Mom as strict as always, rarely allowed me to play outside after school time. When i arrived at home after school and my mum wasn't home, It was play time, visit the neighbour and play with mud, leaves, any other dirt( Based on my mum opinion). No need a long time, my mum would picked me at my friend's and shout to me to go home.
Played at my home was different stories. I have three brothers and they always forgot i am a girl. So play means play sega, spica, wrestling, water shoot, car miniature, flying a kite, ride a bike for kilometers. No play cooking or doll. Sometimes, my bros invite their male friends and they automatically my friends too. We ourself told stories about saint seiya, dragon ballz, Power rangers..or tamiya...Eventually, i am a girl with a boss mindset (because i have many boy friends ang older than me). The consequence happened when i succeed to throw a naughty boy on the floor right behind his mother eyes at mosque. The mother directly reported It to the head masters at MAdrasah (i went to public elementary school at the Morning and madrasah at afternoon) while brought her crying son. Luckily, the head master Is my mother's cousin 😄😄😄 So i Didnt have to be punished.
One time at my childhood, i tried to Swim at river behind my school with my friends after school...and That's How i got a spank from my mother and got thypus at next several days. That time, i felt cheated by Nature..because my brothers almost every day Swim at river (and That's How he get a dark skin :p) without being sick.
What a treasure at my childhood Is food. The various kind of 'unhealthy' food Is heaven. From cotton candy, raw maccaroon, cilok (meatball from starch), fried, anak Mas (raw noodle), dung dung ice (ice cream from coconut milk with cheap Breads), cendol, baceman (freeze cheap fruit syruups),candies...and yoghurt brand Dutch Lady. mcD was once per two months when i had to met my cousin at the town.
Every mother pushed me to go to sleep before the Broadcast of "dunia dalam berita" at 21.00. Once i heard the theme song, i Shall go to night hour..include my bros..So my home was automatically dark after 21.00.
What So great from my childhood was my strange hobby. I dont know why but i used to Love run until something happen. Almost every day, I run arround my neighbour with high speed, after school. I forgot why i Love to do that but i always Love games which contain of run like fortress (bentengan), gobag sodor or just athletic sports. But an accident happen when i run arround my neighbour. Running So Fast, suddenly one of my neighbour open the window when i passed by. The window was right at my nose and in a second i passed out. That's the story why i stopped my strange hobby and got a Brain concussion ( also the reason why i have a weirdo Brain heheh).
The other things, my Habbit from my junior high school was...i was worshipped the pencil bos sect. I always asked my father to buy me a new cute pencil box whenever we went to bookstore. What i felt that day when Having fancy pencil box was like How i feel having a good cloth right now. The More fancy, the More confident. Yes, i was pencil box worshipper. Such a shame, dont you think?
Well, my childhood Is far More different than children in these days. No Internet Connection, no TV cable, no DVD's piracy, no tablet, and handphone. Just a simple childhood, i read book from hardcover books (oh enid blyton), i watch TV from RCTI, and tVRi (So the TV Station More responsible to Broadcast a program), i play on the playground with my friends So i know How to interact each other and sweat of course,and i almost know every child at my neighbourhood. i am Directly educated by my mother not a maid or baby sitter like children these days, and i am So glad my mother didn't have Facebook, Twitter, or blackberry so i have More times to occupied her rather than those sosial medias. My childhood was dedicated to enjoy present time and learn from my environment, and my friends.
May be kid these days feel gratefull bornt when Internet Connection Is AS Fast AS motoGP, hold iPad wherever they go, playing xbox and trapped in their shopisticated Bedroom. But i am very gratefull with my childhood without any of those...i learn So many things from Nature and people Surround me 😊😊 with direct interaction. My childhood would be ruined if i am too sophisticated...i think as pencil box worshipper and run freak Is enough to my low capacity of memories....😊😊
So What's your memories?
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