I just visited one of my junior at hospital. He is 22 years old,married and having 9month-old baby girl, his wife is 19 years old-just graduated from senior high school (look at em very remains me of my circumstance now-25yo and not-yet-married)

Last 3 weeks,he just noticed that his both kidney is having a problem. We can named the disease is kidney failure. Previously,he never feel anything ache from his kidney but right after 10hours driving from bandung to Semarang last ied,suddenly he got a backache, and vomit a lot.

He is the most simple and wrong-head (read: bit crazy-typically someone who will shake your stomach by his jokes) person I've ever met. He is 180cm tall with 66kgs weight and his skin totally exotic (read: black black). His wive is 150cm tall with beautiful face and long black hair.
His decisions of his life always surprises me, like he married at such a young age (just because he don't want his pretty girl friend seeing another boy),and having a baby girl 10 month after his wedding (he just noticed that the baby is girl after the baby was pregnancy he always thought the baby is boy and the doctor (read:dukun bayi) said so).
After hearing he got sick, definitely surprising me once again..I need to visit him to reconfirm his condition.

Sitting in one of six beds in hospital room, he met me with too big smile in his lips. He didn't seem like a sick person unless the bandage in his neck told so. He told me after having a procedure to easing his dialysis. With a hundred story (read:joke) he told me,he didn't seem like someone who feel sick,he just like visitor and I am the one whom sick and sad looking for him.
His mother told me several times that his son too young to be sick..but his son replied directly "I am not sick,mom!I am healthy like ever before"
I don't know why he said like that. There are two possibilities: first he is in the phase of denial, second he just strong,and don't want to be a burden for his family.
I believe in second one. As someone who much younger than me,he got wiser than me. When I am so addicted with Facebook several years ago,he already decide to make a family.
When I am having on-off relationship,he already having a baby.and when I feel the most sad people in this world (because of my economics condition),he still looks happy in his sick time.

I seen it like a humor of life. A youngster at his age should be busy with tweet from maichi just to find where the hell that damn crisp sold-not struggling with two times dialysis a week. Such a young people like him should be so addicted with BBM not thinking about how to survive his little family after all of this thunder.

I am not saying that he didn't have much fun in this life just because he is not so-updated unimportant trend of young people. Like I said before, he just simple person: life is still fun without that twitter,fb,bbm (*slap to my face). Not that he is old!he knows technology but he maintain his urge well to not addicted with that and ignoring others.
He just like weed. Strong whenever the season to face on, grow wherever it lies.
Yup may be I am sounds like naive no.1 but I never have (and didn't want to have) a seriously sick person surround me,and when God chose one of my favorite person..I am terribly sad.

At the last quote he told me before I left (FYI:he never lecture me about life before), "no matter how big a problem to deal with, it's just a mind trick, It is my choice to carry with or not with my problem,if I think about how I face my life after this,I will frustrated and makes people surround me more sad.I will give em hope,so they won't losing their hope on me, I will keep happy so they won't think more often than before just because I am change"

I will cry instead it will give him a chance to make my scene as joke of the year. How come the sick one is the strongest one and willing to give his family a hope?
And suddenly I realize that every one in this world is fighting their own problem with their own way. And my problem isn't the biggest ever so I won't rush my God to wish my hope (I don't mid to waiting but with guarantee "will come true" hahaha)

Well keep it mind, every body is fighting, so stop giving 'em more crap with our egoistic need.

Get well soon,my dear little brother, you must didn't want to miss a chance to see your daughter not as black as you are :) hahahaha just a joke

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