Consumerism one of spread effect of capitalism

Yesterday, the word of "capitalism"  became the trending topic of my day. Firstly, in this morning, I have a meeting with team from treasury department of state owned petrol company. Before the meeting begun,I got a special 'brainstorming" from the vice precident of the treasury dept. I forgot how we started, then suddenly we jump in the topic about Financial Crissis in Europe. I won't give you a heavy paper (calm, my brain is still 'simple' as before) about how crisis how crisis happen and impact to the global economic (whoaa my word is way too far), but I will transfer my very-very brief undertanding about crisis in Europe. (anyway this is just preface of my core subject.

The VP told me that nowadays crisiss is even bigger than crissis in 2008-2009. The crisiss started to happen when nations in Eurozone (i.e Greece) have a bigger ratio of goverment debt than GDP (Gross Domestic Product-meaning to say their income). It is stated on Forbes Indonesia August 2011 that ratio of debt will excess 160% of its GDP in 2012. And its spread to another Eurozone countries like Italia, Spain, Portugal and Ireland.

I put in simple way-what happen if someone (as a example of country) have a bigger debt than its income? They won't be able to pay their debtor and make them lost the 'trust' from their debtors (i.e investor). Debtors collectively withdrawn their investment and make them suffer even more. Furthermore, the European Central Bank prepare a bailout to prevent the crissis spread widely.

So what makes this crissis is even bigger? because the one who default (we use this word to call party who didnt able to do repayment of their debt) is sovereign (a country). Its different with 2008 when the triggers of the crissis is a giga company-Lehman brother. A default sovereign must give a greater impact than a company (This discussion seems get boring even more).
When Rich man get richer and the opposite way

How about Indonesia? The crisiss is give an impact to Indonesia as well but not as bigger than 1997 or 2008. Why? because like another countries in Asia which suffer a lot in past crisiss, they able to learnt how to prepare another 'thunder' with pressing the government debt (Indonesia ratio debt is 30% 'only') and preparing foreign high reserves. The Indonesian economics is growth together with another economics-strong-country in Asia: China and India.

Bact to basic question : are we- Indonesian citizent ever taste the impact of 'the bullrace' of our economic growth? Because me-as mid-low citizent still feel that money is lost its values. The price of thing still high, my saving ain't getting bigger, my debt is rise though my salary raised gradually. It is all happen because I become the victim (read: slave) of capitalism.

With capitalism, people is like didnt have any choice to buy clothes once in a week (when it should be once in year), buy a car once in three years (it should be once in five years), change handphone twice in a year (should be at least once in a year), etc. Our market is flooded by new sparkling things, new models, new adjustment, new style, new technology, and new sale though we didnt really need it. We unvoluntary buy just to make us feel 'right'. We spend our money till the last rupiahs, and if we didnt have-thanks to credit card- the goddes card. The idea of capitalism make us-human, greedy and more greedy over time.
After the meeting, I pass through the Indonesian landmark " Monas" and trapped in traffic jam because of some routine demo from graduated student. The demo is about " Denying all kind of capitalism in Indonesia". Well, 'capitalism officially becaome the trending topic of my day.

My memories brought back when I was in college where my friend always demo about " Deny Capitalism in Indonesia". Back then, with my simple brain, I didnt have any idea what kind of capitalism they meant to. I think the capitalism in one of form of collonialism. Curious, I googling the meaning of capitalism just to enlarge my horizon about this (old fashioned) word. The definition of capitalism is one party who have a lot money (capitalist) and hire a worker to produce a product to sell and gain a profit from that. The profit itself used again to enlarge their business and hire more worker, gain more profit. The one who has a lot of moneyget richer and riche, the working class itself must be struggle with their limited wage.

The idea of being capitalist seems sparkling enough for people recently. People race to learnt more about economic, business management etc. They didnt want become a worker (engineer, technicians, etc). They get drooling when knowing that wages as wallstreet broker is much more than being a technician in manufacture company. This transition makes world loss their engineers, technicians more and more. More bussinessman  rise, more capitalist growth.

Fun facts that currently, the country who still have lot engineers is India, China (the growth-exponentially country recently), Their real sector is working equally with non real sector.

Well, it is our decisions wheather become a pro-capitalism or not. Capitalism in country wide mean the nation sell their public sector gradually to investor, and us-as the origin of the country force to be working level, and the profit flow in large number to them-who owned money. Richman get richer, working class get higher debt. Once, the investor withdrawn their investment- a crisiss occur.

Okay, thats all crap I have to said :)

I choose to try to not drown a capitalism with as beginning I stop drooling when see Sale, new product, new type, new model, I put away my credit card, and reduce my frequent shopping.
note : the writer is just simply telling what inside her'simple' head. The writer isnt an economist, never go to economic major, never attend economic seminar. The writer just have too much vacant time to read, hear and write a lot. :D

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