My Blessed day

Birthday isn't my favorite day. Long time ago,I believed when a baby born to the world,it's a curse. I don't know how I got those belief (yes I know I'm lost).

So when my birthday arrived, I chose to not celebrate it. It is ok, to give a free lunch to my friends but not as celebration, just an obligation

Yes yes I'm cynical.

But just for this day, I just realize that birthday isn't cursed day (though very bad thing happen this morning), it is a blessed day when so many peoples surround me pray for me (sincere or not) for my happiness and my better future...

So I write this lyrics (that my friend give to me today) which remains me so much to year 1994.

Reff :

Hari ini terlalu indah
Untuk diburamkan
Dan kau terus hitamkan
Jejak langkahmu

Semoga saja ini hanya
Sebuah fase dalam hidupmu
Dan kuharap itu bukan sisa-sisa umur

Petuah bijak-Dewa 19

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