Bali Island, the Right Place to Spend Holiday

Tropical weather, white sand, wavy wave, blue ocean...who doesn't know Bali island? Even some peoples mistaken that Bali is separated country from Indonesia. Nope, Bali is just one of most favorite place to be visited among thousands beautifull places in Indonesia.

Padang-Padang Beach

Once we think about Bali, what we imagined is beautifull beaches. But nope, Bali isn't just beach but there are mountain, lake, shopping centre, culture, etc.
Here some of interesting part from Bali
My Flight landed on the Ngurah Rai Airport, Denpasar Bali at 00.30 WITA (Waktu Indonesia bagian Tengah / Mid Indonesia Time) and exit from the arrival gate, I directly welcomed with hundreds of brochures that available on tourist information board. The informations is almost complete from car rental, guide service, tour package and hotel and etc. The prices also stated at the brochures, we can pick which one is ok for our pocket. But we don't need to stuck in there, we still can find a lot of services offered outside the airport.

Tourist Information

My hotel is located on Legian Street. That was my first time I booked hotel from the internet. The hotel is Dewi Sri Hotel located not at the main road of Legian street, but not too far, about 20 meters only.
I shall take a taxi from airport to legian street. The cabs also available at the airport. No need to be scared about the fares. The price is fixed based on what region we heading. We pay the fare at taxi's platfrom and then escorted to the car.
When I said my destination is Legian street, the taxi's driver suddenly mumbling and didn't seen happy. I asked why and he answered that we will need 3 hours to arrive there. Shock, I check my gps and didn't believe what he said. Based on the map, Legian street shouldn't far from the airport.
Yes, It isn't far but at night, legian street will be very crowded, and traffic jam. It is because legian street consist of many night clubs, bars, karaoke, and factory outlet. At night, where people go to the bars, the narrow legian street will be overcrowded.

Legian Street
(even at night it is still bright)
And yes, It was a traffic jam. My cab didn't move at all almost for an hour and half. At 03.30 AM, I arrive at my hotel and feels terribly tired. My hotel located near to the monument of Bali Bomb (I didnt realize it untill at the morning when I checked out).
Like I said previously, the hotel is nice. It is consist of white neat cottage with small swimming pool. The rate in there (as I remembered) costs IDR 560.000 for standart room. Breakfast also available at the morning with western food menu. The ommelette is delicious :)
My First day in Bali started with my hunt of beaches, you can read it at my previous post here). But just like I said before, I want to see more than beaches!!!So I skipped my first day trip to my second day trip.

I will briefly describe the lake first. As far I know, there are several lakes at Bali Island but the most famous two are Bratan and Batur Lake. The beauty of Bratan Lake can also be seen when we hold notes IDR 50,000. There is Pure above the water and backgrounded with huge mountain, separated with vast lake.

Pura Bratan

The weather at Bratan Lake is change so fast, from rain shower to hard rain or no rain at all. The mountain usually covered with mist, the water colored black and the temperature quite chill. Because of these conditions, the Bratan lake feels like a mystique yet very beautiful. the 'black' mountain just makes us feel how small we are blend with the nature.
Pura's reflection on the lake

If we didn't bring our camera in there, we can ask the photographer (which is local citizens) to capture our photo at some beautifull spot. Usually, the photographer can direct us which spot is most awesome. They will capture several photos so we can choose which one is our most favorite.

Don't forget to bargain the price. If you are with local guide, the local guide will bargain for you. Normally the photo offered IDR 15000-20000 per take.

From Bratan Lake, if we should back to the city, we can stop by to local souvenir shop at Joger Bali at Bedugul. At Joger, we can buy various things from shirt, mirror, pencil, statue, batik, bag, blanket, sandal and many mores of course with competitive price. A lot of things is shaped uniquely and crafted with jokes. I think for those who want to remember Bali or just want to give souvenirs to their beloved, I very suggest to buy something from here.

Then My next destination is heading to Tanah Lot. Tanah Lot is unique spot, and already well-know among whether local and foreign tourists. As far i know, this spot also listed on Must-visit-place when we go to Bali. Tanah lot is pura located on the top of the cliff or reef ? how to is very huge stone side by side hard wave from beach. There is also cave in there with white snake living in there. Unfortunately, when I arrived there, the rain drops so hard, and the wind blows destroy my umbrela. I didnt get any chance to take any photos, I just seat at the small cafe in there enjoying my hot tea and my cob corn. I forgot the name of cafe, but very recommended.

Leaving there, my next activity is shopping :)... Yes,thats my favorite part when I'm going somewhere. I also have a principle. I depart as backpacker, I am home as travelbag-er (because my bag full of stuffs that I bought).

Along my journey at Bali, my eyes cant stop capture the factory outlet (FO) lied at Bypass street. The FO offered discounted price for branded item like rip curl , billabong, zara, top shop even sport warehouse. My favorit spot is Rip Curl Garage Sale. The Garage sale really garage sale and the items still up to date. I even notice that hat I previously want to buy at Jakarta cut 50% in there. I take out all cash in my wallet when I shoped in there, recommended for whom love surf brand.

Next then, I go to Sukowati Market. Well, sukowati market also famous as the must visited place. The market sold almost anything you need for ethnic souvenirs and of course my favorite fruits...Salak (Salacca zalacca) original from Bali that taste so sweet different with salak from another place. We can buy bag that made from root, hand-crafted statue, necklace, Batik Dress, and many mores. Please do bargain the price as low as you want, enjoy it as art :)

Not far from Sukowati, there is Caluk where local sold the silver accessorises. The silver crafted beautifully and sold at shop along the street. Unfortunately, for me, the prices are too high. They sold based on type, art not for the weight. For me, I prefer gold :)...yes call me art-blind..hahahaha.....
My last destination for shopping is (of course) pick is Discovery Mall side by side with kuta beach.

When I arrived there, it is flood, not too deep but of course causing traffic jam but when I was waiting my rented car to be parked, I seen local girl with foreign boy running together and holding hands under the rain and then kissing wow...just like a movie, no wonder Bali is love island 😘😘

Discovery mall, not so big as mall in Jakarta, but I think complete enough. There is branded shop like crocs, sketchers, body and soul, sanuk, rip curl, etc. my point to went there wasn't shopping for branded items but bought home spa's equipment which bit expensive and of course dining. Firstly, I want to enjoy sunset while dining. We can see sunset at the back of the mall, but it was heavy rain in there..I barely can see the sun. Well, it is not my lucky day though.

While I was there I was notice that almost every one in there wearing slippers. Funny that, people walk slower than people in Jakarta, and of course more casual outfit. So few woman using high heel...I think most all the visitors are tourist and not going to there to show their sense of fashion. Nice!!!

Finally, after spent 4 hours in there, I shall catch my flight back to my hometown and back to the reality. Overall, I love Bali, holiday scents are on the air. My 3 day-2 night tour isn't enough to wander all Bali Island. I should go back to visit Trunyan, Ubud, Bayan Tree and many mores. Just wait it!hehehehe

Oh, I forgot to give a suggest to pick hotel. I think if you want to get cheaper hotel with complete facilities, you'd rather take hotel at Teuku Umar Street. It is Near to going anywehe especially Denpasar. Hotel at Legian is ok, but bit expensive and don't forget to consider the traffic at night. Hotel at Kuta street more expensive than at Legian, but is is very close to Kuta (accross the street) but far to go to the downtown.

You can book the hotel via internet and usually they offered special price thru internet, just monitored it!!


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