Rendesvouz at Teddy Bear Museum after 10 Good Years

Dating at the Park (sorry husband! :p)
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The other main reason I insisted to go to Jeju Island on my visit in South Korea is (of course) Teddy Bear Museum which located on Seogwipo City. I mean, who doesn't love Teddy Bear? I bet every girl at least have one teddy bear on her whole life. Whether when she were a child, or a grown up like me!

 Yes, I am a big fan of this cute doll namely Teddy! That's why visiting Teddy Bear Museum is listed (on bold font ) in my bucket list.
Thinking out Loud like an Einstein
My journey to Teddy Bear Museum is started on Seogwipo Intercity Terminal. From there I took a taxi for 10 good minutes ride and fare no more than KRW 10,000. The entrance fee is quite standard, KRW 10,000 per person, and there are also coin lockers at the receptionist to keep our luggage. Because my luggage is bulky and big, there are no coin locker big enough to keep it. So,I gently asked the receptionist to keep my baggage behind her desk (for free! thank you beautiful lady !)

Hi, Lee Shin!
After passing the receptionist desk, I saw a big teddy of Prince Lee Shin (from korean drama-Goongs) and suddenly I had a goosebumps! I can feel my heart is pumping so fast that my adrenaline rush out abruptly! Yes, I even want to hug the bear only my shame holding me still to act naturally and quickly ask my husband to take a pic!

Teddy Bear Museum actually is more than I imagined! Of course there are lot of Teddy portraying someone important like Einstein, Steve Jobs, or Salvador Dali, but the most interesting thing is the timeline and history how Teddy Bear eventually become dearly love by world society.

Guess who is this maestro?

My husband did it just because wanted to being sarcasm over his Android phone!
The transformations and timeline of Teddy Bear are explained quite detail in there. When the first time Teddy Bear born, how its shape, and how the other 'Teddy' also born (like Paddington, or Winnie The Pooh). 
The early English Teddy Bear in 1910

Notice the long nose at the early face of Teddy Bear

The other interesting thing in the museum is a milestone in humankind portrayed by Teddy Bear. Like there is the time in early 1900's where human wearing fashionable and heavy wardrobe, or the time when Human set foot for the first time in the moon, or just simply first Disney Land built on earth, or may be the world development in 2000's when human connected closely with mobile phone. Also the serious history like when Berlin Wall finally broken down in 80's,or the funny teddy bear acting like a swag.

Human in 1900's

Is it Great Gatsby?
Meanwhile, someone who knows Teddy Bear Museum should know about Goongs! The famous korean drama which aired on 2006. In fact, I knew Teddy Bear Museum because of that Movie! Remember in episode 13 where the Mother of King decide to visit Jeju Island and end up to visit Teddy Bear Museum? Or episode when Prince Lee Shin so dearly having conversation with his teddy bear namely Alfred? (please say yes, so I am not the only one who crazy about this movie!)

If yes, good news! Even after 10 years already passed, the museum didn't want to forget the 'promotor' of their existence. In special corner, there is a showroom of exact teddy bear which used in the movie (of course Alfred!) plus the original soundtrack. For big fan like me, it is big deal and I am so happy the Museum decide to give special corner to the drama lover to resemble how good the movie was.


The Museum consist of two wide floor and ballroom in ground floor. The 1st and 2nd room is the numerous collection of Teddy Bear in showrooms meanwhile the ballroom is the souvenir shop. In there, you should prepare some spare  money to crazily buying cute teddy bear in many costumes and appearances.

After Pushing My husband to take a pic at least once with Teddy

Attending the Wedding

After stepped out from the souvenir shops, don't leave so soon! There is park outside and of course there are teddy bear sculpture in outdoor activity like picnic, fishing, or just sitting handsomely. Also, the giant Teddy bear which approx. 5 metes tall.

Picnic with Teddys

So, for the summary, is it worth it to visit Teddy Bear Museum? For me, Big yes due to the collections and its location! Is it fun for adult? YES, even for children!! Therefore, if you love cute pie like Teddy and Goongs, this destination is a must visit!
See you in my other journey!

Hello Audrey!

PS: Forgive me, If there are too many my face in this posting, or too much photos than writing, IT IS BECAUSE MY ADRENALINE!!!!!!!


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