Jeju Folk Village

Jeju Folk Village
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The most challenging thing about creating your own itinerary is finding out the transportation route which give us the consequences to be very reliable to the GPS. In some other places or countries, it is quite easy but unfortunately, when we were in South Korea, Google Maps and Waze were not working properly. I don't know why but my GPS keep searching or just give the unbelievable routes like jumping the building, crossing the intersection, and walking in the totally opposite directions-which we know it is totally wrong.
Spring is coming in Jeju Island
To found Jeju Folk Village from Seongsan Ilchulbong is also one of the hardest challenge. After browsing quite some time, we can't find direct bus routes between those two spots. The choices are either we should go to Seogwipo Intercity Bus Terminal first, or changing many buses to reach Jeju Folk Village-which also challenging because our google maps read in Han-gul. That's why, after considering time and distance, we decided to ride a taxi from Seongsan to Jeju Folk Village.

The taxi fares were quite pricey based on our budget that time. It took about KRW 40,000 (more or less 40 KMs) for good 20 minutes. The street are almost empty so we able got there in a short time. After we got there, bringing our luggage, pay for KRW 10,000 for each person for the entry, we kept our luggage in the coin locker for only KRW 100.

Korean Folk's former House
Jeju Folk Village is like a museum or more specifically, diorama of old villages where Korean folk used to stay decades ago. There are several types of houses built like house of farmer, fisherman, stone mason, woman diver which tailored designed based on the positions or job. For quick glance, even there is explanation the differences between houses, I can't see the differences! (shame on me!).

Like old Folks
The surrounding is built nicely so the visitors can feel the old times just like at the Classic Korean movies. The interest thing about Jeju Folk Village is a place where Historical Korean Drama used to take a shoot like Jewel in the Palace.


One of my favorite house is where Jewel in the Palace take a shoot. There is a house where Jang-Geum got exiled, and the reason I like it because I simply can feel the ambience. I even can project how Jang-Geum spending her time sitting in the front house, daydreaming!That time, my husband finally understand why I insisted visit there! Yes, it is my obsessions to visit the movie scene (sorry husband :p)

Exile House of Jang Geum (in the movie)

Still the exile house

When we got there, the temperature is already 20 degrees Celsius at noon which means most part of cherry blossom are already fall. Only several trees were blossoming but already past the peak. There are also Cherry Blossom tunnels in the inside, but not quite long just like we saw in Busan. But the point we visit Jeju Folk Village is not the cherry blossom, right?

Remaining Cherry Blossom

Jeju Folk Village is not as wide as I expected. We strolled around only for good one and half hour (plus resting for a while tasting local snacks) and met the exit.

Cleaning like old timer

I Guess this is the palace gate-at the old time

Well, then for the big question is it worth it to visit Jeju Folk Village? The answer will be depend on these questions, are you really into to Historical Korean Drama or may be you just simply love history and don't mind the price you should pay? Then this is must visit spot.

Meanwhile, to got out from there to the nearest bus stop is also a homework! There is a bus stop in front of the gate (I forgot the number) but it won't able to take us to the Intercity bus terminal. So we should walking about 1 kilometer, dragged our luggage to the nearest bus stop (bus number 910). Actually, we could ride the bus from in front of the gate for one bus stop and then walk about 600 meter to the 910 bus stop, but sadly we know that after the bus passed by.

For the summary, Jeju Folk Village is fun to visit if only it is more accessible!
See you at my next journey!


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