Busan, the hidden park

Ridiculously Photogenic Cherry Blossom Canopy at Samnak Riverside Park

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I really have no expectation for the cherry blossoms present in Busan. When I chose Busan to stay the night, it is merely because we want to go Jinhae from neighbor city. We know there are more choices of Lodging in Busan than in Jinhae. That's why we chose the closest hotel to Busan Intercity Station at Sasang not near the famous Haeundae Beach.

This is the scenery along Busan's way

When we exited from Busan Station, a beautiful landscape of hills full of cherry blossom welcome us. While I brought my bulky bag at both hands, I was unprepared to take beautiful shot. I take picture with my camera phone and my husband urged us to move unless we want to arrive very late at Jinhae.
What we see from the Busan Station

But it is good sign though, that Busan has same timing to bloom as Jinhae. Even along the way to Jinhae, we saw alluring cherry blossoms canopy stream down along the river. That moment, we decide to visit that park first thing in the morning at the next day.

Wake up so early, we walk hand in hand to go to the hidden park at the river side. I guessed that park has 1-1.5kms long of cherry blossom canopy and every tree bloom all together. Crossing the bridge, we also notice that at night that bridge also one of point interest in Busan. There is love sign in the middle of the bridge and several buttons of lighting.
Pretty Bridge, I bet at night it will glow

Woman Library Near the Hotel and Station
That morning, the rain pouring not easily. The farther we walk, the heavier the rain. But our excitement didn't stop us. My shutter keep capturing until majority of my album full of this park picture. Also, as a bonus, that park is mine! No one visiting it that moment unless bunch of peoples passing by.

Look how super-excited I am!
The Beautiful Petals

Aannd it was raining!
What I called Solitude
I would like to highly recommend anyone who want to fast access to station, airport and bus terminal to stays at Sasang-gu. Even my hotel (Max Motel) is bit of rock n roll (because of its festive lighting), it is paid by its size, completeness, and location. Also, for Indonesian people, there are several halal restaurants (even Indonesian food) near the hotel. It is complete package.

Indonesian Restaurant in Busan

After we finish our morning stroll, we decided to go back to hotel, pa

ck our bag and went to Gwaebeop Renicite terminal to go to Gimhae International Airpott (which only two station away!) that will take us to Jeju!

Bibimbap for Lunch (rotate your head for excercise)

Ps: after I checked google map, park name is The Samnak Riverside Park!



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