Wedding of my Life

the golden theme

I said like million times maybe, previously, that a wedding is an expensive dream for me. Not literally expensive..umm..yes it is literally expensive but I mean is it's beyond my yearly checklist actually.

Year after year, I always make a target or something that I should achieve along one year period. My target is never more than 3 items because I'm not checklist guy (yes checklist make me depressed) and wedding was never be listed on my checklist.

That's why different from any other girl who always have their wedding dream, I have none. I don't hope any wedding party in deserted Island, or any wedding theme.

When my boyfriend (that time) proposed to me (not actually proposed sih :D), I quite shock. I mean yes I know I am on the 'marry age' but still I don't know how to react on wedding plan.

After telling our parents and set the date, I still don't know what to do ( on January 2014 actually). The first thing I do is what the easiest one that I'm capable of i.e. design the wedding invitation. Even I never had a wedding dream but I know that my wedding should present me as I am. At very first time my guest receive my invitation, they should know that they will attend to someone-they-always-know- wedding party.

After long search at, I finally had inspiration that my invitation should be contain of my drawing, and lace because I love both! Because i have known nothing about graphic designers. I contact my oldest friend, someone from Orkha Creative. He said that he don't have talents for cartoon drawing (i forget how he called it actually), but I know for sure that he is the master of typography (he also the talented one who designed my cover of my novel : Fantasy). So I decide draw my own cartoon on paper then scan it and ask him to convert it into vector. The rest, he is design all the things. and is my wedding invitation.
The Invitation
Not perfect but so far, it is the represent who really i am and my couple. Oh ya, before designing the invitation, the first thing first actually is book the venue. In Jakarta, usually people searching for the availability of the venue first before set the date. Thanks God as for me, after set the date I booked the one and only venue in Hometown and paid the down payment.

The next thing is of course set the theme. I don't have any particular idea of my theme. If i stick to one theme it will limit my later idea (errr...that's the point of theme right?to keep focus? *pardon my random mind*) so I just decide it will be gold. why gold? i think it is inspired by my favorite novel the Outsiders, when one of the character saying to the main character whom desperate and clueless, He said:

Stay Gold, Ponyboy

Plus, I love the color of gold in sunset :)

I think the most important thing to do at the beginning of your wedding day is:
1. How many people you will invite. As an example you invite 500 people will define how many invitation card to be published (usually around 400, while the rest invited via electronic), then how many pax of meal you reserve, multiple it twice and give the buffer along 20% (as example : 500 x 2 =1000 + (20%*1000) = 1200 pax reserved).
2. Make a list of who you invite from the very beginning. Along the time you will remember and forget who and who you have and haven't invited that's why you need to make the list at the very beginning.
3. Budget. It will define the power to make your wedding come true. It is main fuel hehe..By setting the budget from the very beginning you will know the limitation to create your mega wedding. I know as woman, you demand your wedding perfect, but when it is the D-day you will come to realize that all the perfectness is stand for nothing if you dried up your bank account :D :D
4. I will add it if i remember later :D

 Because I don't hire any wedding organizer, I work all preparation by myself and assisted with my beloved family. My wedding should be fun. I let my mother work with the catering, I fully concerned with the 'accessories' like photo booth, band, decoration and pre-wedding photos.

As an idealist girl, I commit to do all the art thing by my own. I design my own back drop and the black chalkboard
chalk-board art

backdrop for photo booth

one of the pre-wed photos
 Well, one thing that i always take a mind is that a wedding is not just about a party. I also held my wedding parties in two different cities, Malang and Jakarta, and i know how stress full to do it by my self (along with my family). A lot of things made me and my (finally i pronounce it) spouse under pressure. There is a list waiting to be checked, but so limited time, I rush everyone around me and it's coming back to me. Last few months is really hard and pleasure month for me. My novel-launch, my wedding preparation, new place of work made me so stressed and sometimes I would like to cry.

I got pissed easily, a little matter which didn't work all right made me so mad. I put the anger on my spouse (sometimes but a very rarely). Fortunately, he didn't take it seriously. I don't know what on his mind that time but one thing for sure, in the process of wedding preparation is all the matters.

as spoilers, there will be a lot of opinion, suggestion and enforcement to set a perfect dream- from both family. Luckily, me and my couple is typical of -have our own opinion alone-. Any suggestions will be discussed but no obligation for us to fulfill it. I think that's all matter to make my wedding preparation went smoothly. Our opinion is most matter, what we want and what the best for both of us.

Once in awhile there is a tension when we both tired to think one and those. But in the end, never allowed both of us in a tension is the matter. This is the important phase to build communication.

When I arrange my wedding, my friend also planned it. She like two months behinds me but she do the preparation since the previous year. But unfortunately, with the lack of communication and they adsorbed all the opinions from their beloved family periodically set them apart. No matter how much they loved each other, when it comes to 'family opinion' will be different story.

I don't say to reject any outsiders opinion (in this thing closest family member), but as a couple, we select that if it will bring convenience to your relationship. Your both interest is the most matter.

backdrop with the main model standing :D
Well, there will be a panic attack in the few days before your wedding day as well as mine. Suddenly there are vendors that work doesn't it should be plus panic when suddenly realize that i will marry soon.
another pre-wedding photos

Sudden realize that in counted days that you will step into another different phase in my life. I am not afraid but what concerns me the most is my single mother. I know how hard this will be for her. I always be her muse, and reason to stays young. She afraid that I will forget about her because I am so in love with my husband. In the last days, I hugged her tightly. I couldn't say anything or promise something but one thing for sure she'll always be my muse, my reason to keep alive and love of my life. One thing that never be change, I will always love her morethan i love myself.

Oke, i think I write too much and too wide this time. May be i will give the glimpse of my wedding via picture here :)

the Podium

Ice Sculpture : E&A

my very best friend who came to my party  (Chikiezt complete edition)



  1. ellen... sorry neng kmrn ga bs dtg acara kawinannya, adikku nikahan juga barengan.. :D~

    aniway.. happy wedding.. semoga kalian menjadi pasangan yang Sakinah mawadah dan warahmah... bahagia terus sampai nanti dah jadi nenek kakek...

    congrats ya len..dongakno cepet nyusul haha..

    -reza bni-


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