Two Suns at the Gorgeous Gili Trawangan

Welcome To Gili Trawangan
Phew, It is like almost a year I haven't write anything about my traveling activities. Because of these and those, I couldn't seems to find the right time to write anymore. New job desc, new activities and limited time, all the excuses that made me stacked in my desk.

But last month, when I visit Gili Trawangan, Lombok, ID, I finally missing the old time. Gazin the blue oceans, I finally realize, What happen with traveling and blogging? It should be the most enjoyable things to do on earth!! I don't know why I finally come to my realize, either because of the true beauty of Gili Trawangan or may be just this is it- my shell is finally broken, time to face the world.
So here I am, whining about time yet haven't started at all :D

Oke, Gili Trawangan. As an Indonesian, who love traveling, name of Gili Trawangan is crossed my mind frequently. Yes, it is a beach, a beautiful beach but to be honest that beauty thing still haven't attracted me so much. Yes, I've been underestimate about Gili Trawangan at first. I thought it will be so-so just like any other beach I ever visit.

So, I booked my ticket (nope,actually my employer) and flew to Gili trawangan. Gili Trawangan can be reached from Jakarta by any plane with the destination to Praya Airport (LOP). There are several airplane serve this destination such us Garuda Indonesia (GA), and Lion Air (JT).

I flew with Garuda Indonesia and arrive to Praya at 9 am. From airport, I am directly go to Gili Trawangan by rented bus which take almost 1.5 half hour journey. To reach Gili Trawangan, we should take a boat from port near Senggigi beach (unfortunately i forgot the port name and didn't take any picture). Because I went on my office expense, i didn't notice the price for the boat.

At first, I am arriving in Lombok, it is unbelievable hot! But my guide tell me that in Gili is twice hotter than Lombok. I didn't believe it at first. How could it be hotter than that? It is Indonesia, not middle east, right?

But In fact, after got swing in the boat and satisfying my eyes with blue ocean and blue skies, I finally see the end of my journey- Gili Trawangan Port which connect directly with Villa Ombak Resort. Once I set my foot on the deck, gosh I feel the sun is burning my skin! It is super Hot, yes like there are two suns shinning in there and make you roasted.

The scenery to see in the boat, blue, blue, and green

As for my accommodation, I stayed in Villa Ombak. The 5-star hotel is stunning yet I will tell separately in different article about this hotel. There are two big 5-star hotel inside Gili Trawangan.i.e. Villa Ombak and Ombak Sunset. The Villa Ombak bring the theme of traditional resort built by local heritage as well as Ombak Sunset is touched by modern and sophisticated culture.

Gili Trawangan is small island which full entertainment. Once I set my foot on the island, I am welcomed by the non-local people which mostly is stranger. I am amazed, I've been there in Bali where the tourists are as many as the local, but in Gili Trawangan, the tourists are twice more than locals. Where am I actually?

After finishing my seminar and finally check in to the hotel, I take a bath (because it is very hot), and ready to take a walk. Walking to the left side of my hotel, there are lot of restaurant and local bars which sold any seafood meals and liquor. There are spa and reflexy lounges in there.

My intention is to seeking the sunset, but unfortunately I walk in wrong direction. So I just wasting my time buying food and finally feels so tired when I reach the local market.
The Front of the Local Market
They said that meals in local market are much more cheaper and delicious. Not only food, there are also several service offered like barber shop, even book shop. The market is going crowded after dark, but that's the joy of visiting market: crowd and cheap.

Fresh Fish sold in Local Market

After buying some seafood satay, I decide to went back to the hotel, my legs are numb and I still have a very long day tomorrow. Going back, I finally realize that there are no automobile allowed in Gili Trawangan. No motorcycle, moreover car. The only allowed transportation is bike and the famous Horse cart or locals called it Cidomo. The charges of Cidomo, from my experience is no matter how far or close your destination, there is only one charge : IDR 50K for 5 person.

Considering the price, I decide to rent a bike tomorrow. My leg is just so old, I can hold any walk no more.

At the next morning, I wake up 5 a.m and run to the port. I  want to watch the sunrise so bad after failing the day before. But the clouds seems didn't corporate. They block the shy sun, but still delivering the hot temperature without mercy. But finally at, 6, the sun shine red and makes the most incredible moment of universe. I take a gasp and suddenly feels so grateful. What on earth there is such a beauty like this?

sunrise in Gili Trawangan

The sky is magnificent blue even the clouds came to cover the shy sun rise, still the reflection on the turquoise sea is unbelievable orange. I mean, oh my God. This is the scenery you must see every day in your life and made you feels so small in this universe. Made you feels so grateful to having eyes to see, to having heart to sense, and of course to have a chance to be there. Thanks for the age, and magical universe. I don't know why but I am so regret to miss this kind of feeling lately.

O my God. It is magic!

After so grateful, I decide to walk in the sea shore little longer. No need to mention the temperature for like almost 4 times. it is 7 a.m. but the temperature is like 12.00 o'clock. I am gooddam sweat like a river. I think it is useless to wear any fabrics and I come to understand why on earth those stranger really love to naked or just wearing bikini on the beach. Because there is no point to use it, it is wet by the sweat.

All day long, I take a bike, enjoying the local delicacies and freshening my eyes with the blue turquoise sea. The biker itself very many, be careful when ride it because most people like speeding using their bike. Plus bonus, there are lof six-pack-boys and men wearing short in the road. Be careful to pay attention to the road, not to the boys.

After finally tired, I sleep in my terrace of the hotel, near the pool and chilling until the sunset time.
I rode my bike to west side just like locals told me, there is sunset point near the Ombak sunset hotel. I thought it would be near, but in fact it take minutes to ride in there. But at the halfway, when the local housing and cafe get quiter, I catch a glimpse of orange ray in the virgin beach. The sea shore is mostly grown by the bakau tree, and not many people went there.

I stop by, and take the picture.

The Orange Ray view from the Road

The Inhabitant Beach

When I finally reach the sunset point, once again i'm not lucky enough to see the sunset. The sky is cloudy and there is no sign of sun. But Doesn't matter, in there, along with many tourists, I take a lot of picture and entertained by the local dancer whom trying to perform break dance.

A little sunset in Sunset point

After dark, I went to Ombak Sunset to enjoy dinner. In my way to go there, unfortunately some road didn't equipped with the lamp, and I should push my bike because the sands is too thick. But arriving in there, enjoying my dinner, I watched the Fire Dance show and couldn't get satisfied more. The Fire Dance whom presented by the hotel is spectaculer and magnificient!!!

Fire Dance

Yes of course, i forgot to tell you about my snorkeling activities in there. There are few spots of snorkeling in gili trawangan. One i visit is with the view of sinking boat. The coral reef is just fine but there is no much fishes in there. I think my spot is just oke, not stunning enough to snorkel.

So far, Gili trawangan is the best turqoise beach i ever visit in Indonesia and not forget to mention. The hottest beach i ever visit. below are some bonuses of picture of Gili Trawangan.
the magnificient clear water


  1. Oo. Wow such a really great journey, so wonderful place to visit, peace and warm, luv the way u write it down, nice story to keep in mind , greetings from snowglobers 😊


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