a Dream Land

a Dream Land

The sun comes down, hiding under the sea
Left the reflection of the orange ray
It is like a day finally goes by
Put your hold, let's waving good bye

I saw your shilloutte behind your back
your vision is straight not even looking back
I sat idly regretting what just pass by
that my hand won't able to reach you close by

You said let just moving forward
find out what really best for us
But I keep looking backward
hoping what just i decided not mistake for us

They say regret come at last
when the sun sink below the past
It would be fine if I just close my eyes
and stole you to go back on my side

Don't let go of my hand
take it back from where it belong
I'm just scared imagining our dream land
but doesn't mean I love you out of nothing

Just back here
let's make our sun rises
Until the coast is over,
and we found each other as a lover

Jakarta, 24032013
note : I guess I am too much listening Keane recently,
and definitely not inspiring by my ex,
dedicated for someone just pass by on my life.

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