the Must Visit Place in Semarang and Jogja (for those whom only have a limited time to visit)

It was like a magic to spend my 'only' weekend on two exotic city, Semarang and Jogjakarta. But yes, I tried so hard to composite my limited time to enjoy 'must-visit' place (based on my version) at both Jogja and Semarang. In fact, I am very proud of my self!!yes I am success to gather a very short list-a must visit place on Semarang and Jogja. So here is the list:

1. Simpang Lima Semarang
Simpang lima Semarang is like heart of Semarang. Center of the city where shopping place, hotels, public facilities, food street, park are gathered on one famous spot. It is very easy to spot this place, almost all street directory showed the direction to go this spot.

When I walked on the pedestrians, I felt like I was walking at oversea because the clean and neat of this spot. The pedestrians is wide open, and shady. Even the street hawker is under local government regulation.

Simpang Lima Park

Enjoying city by ride becak
We can found several shopping mall in there like Ciputra Mall, Matahari, huge and complete Ace Hardware (biggest than anywhere I saw at Surabaya, Jakarta and Bandung), or just gift shop at the corner of Simpang Lima.
Simpang Lima itself means Five corner indicating the five streets that centered in one round.

2. Lawang Sewu, Semarang
front view Lawang Sewu
Not very far from Simpang Lima Semarang, I went to the most famous place in Semarang (ever since it is broadcasted in national television), Lawang Sewu.
Lawang sewu is one of historical building that has been classified as protected heritage and now under maintained by PT KAI. Lawang sewu was built in 1904 and previously used as office of Nederland-Indische Spoorweg Maatschappij (NIS) until 1942 when Japan 'take over' Semarang from Nederland. Since then, the underground room of Lawang Sewu used as jail and sewer.

Name of lawang sewu itself mean thousand of door in javanese.People call the building as lawang sewu because there are many doors in the building but in fact the door itself less than one thousand. The building built in Art-deco style with beautiful twin tower at front.
Ticket Rate
Thousand Door

For several years, Lawang sewu is closed for visitor. Since 2006 (or 2007 oh gosh I am forgot what the guide told me), the goverment decided to open Lawang sewu for public but the visitor should be guided by tour guide when going inside.

The tour guide is very acknowledged of the history of Lawang Sewu and not a bit hesitated to scare us about the spooky story of Lawang Sewu. But no need to affraid ;D just behave and think positively.
Building view from top

We are allowed to visit underground area (that initially used as sewer aaand..jail) and shall pay additional fare IDR 10,000 for ticket and rent boots also IDR 30,000 for tour guide. 

Unfortunately, I prefered to not going under!! not because I am affraid but because i tend to freak out of dark (sounds like excuse rite?). But for those whom not affraid of dark, I highly recommend this additional trip.
stair to underground
One of old toilet inside the building

3. Ullen sentalu, Kaliurang-Jogjakarta
Departed from Semarang, my next destination is a very-very beautiful museum Ullen Sentalu.
Ullen Sentalu located at slope of Mount Merapi . Yes it is very close to most-active volcano, Merapi so I can see Merapi from a very upclose distance.

The only place allowed to take a pic
Shop at the Inside museum
Ullen Sentalu is private museum with the collection of royal family inside. If i allowed to refresh, long time ago, the empire of New Mataram or Mataram Islam divided into 4 different empire or Kasunan i.e.: Kasunan Surakarta with the title of king is Pakubuwana, Kasunan Jogjakarta with the title of the king is Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono, Praja Mangkunagaran with the title of the king is Mangkunagara, and Kadipaten Paku Alam with the title of the king is Paku Alam.
Stair to the cafe shop
The Museum will introduce us to the history of those 4 empires and their famous kings, queens, prince and princess. No need to afraid to feel boring because the tour is packaged in very interesting way and guided by expert guide.
The collections are consist of beautiful painting of royal family that will show us the handsome and beautiful king and queen, private photos of kings and queens that made us feel close to them by seeing their daily activities, the handicrafts that made by the hand of the queens and princess, personal belonging of royal family like hats and clothes, lots of beautiful poems that handwritten by the queens (i really love the poems and wish to have the copies ot those), and of course batik with its meaning.
The tour will took almost for an hour that won't made us feel boring though for a second.
Unfortunately we are not allowed to took photos at the inside of the museum. I think it is okay because I will save the image strongly in my brain, and most of museum with royal collections do the same thing, like at Royal Regalia Brunei, but I really not satisfied because they didn't give me a handbook or at least sell book of history of royal family in souvenir shop.
I really hungry for the history and very willing to read it!!!! (I should dig it on google some times and write it by my self).
But moreover I give rate 5 over 5 for this museum. The best museum I ever visited and the most telling museums. This museum will give us the knowledge that yes..royal family in Surakarta and Jogjakarta is really live as royal family not only as shell of name like I thought before. the strict of rule, the beautiful and old culture that ruled them to not act irresponsible and be an example to their peoples. A lot of life philosophy that will me-an Indonesian more and more love Indonesian culture!!! very recommended!!!

4. Pasar Beringharjo, Malioboro Street-Jogjakarta

west gate of Pasar Beringharjo

Inside the market

It is Batik Paradise.
Beringharjo Market located at Malioboro Street and open since early morning till dawn. We can found lot of Batik fabric in there and get a cheaper price (with better quality).
I regularly buy Batik at Soenaryo shop that located on first left row from main gate. The price is cheaper and the quality is better. I usually get written batik or batik tulis at IDR 300,000 that very impossible to get that price on famous shop like Batik Keris.
We can get anything in there from clothes, fabric, sandal, bag and any other batik form.

5. Mirota Shop, Malioboro-Jogjakarta

Front Gate before open
Cabaret Show Poster

 Another shopping place accross of Beringharjo market, Malioboro street Jogjakarta.
This almost complete shop sell anything that made of Jogjakarta from local food, batik, wooden handicraft, souvenirs, accessories, silver craft, and etc.
As from my opinion, the quality in this shop is much better, and the price is not too high. I am drooling when I got there want to buy many of wooden handicraft that very underprice than in Jakarta.

At the third floor, on certain days, we can see Kabaret show for free. The shop is open from 8 am till 9 pm every day.
Inside the Shop
6. House of Raminten, Jogjakarta

inside the cafe shop
Based on recommendation of my friends, I ask my friend who lived in Jogja to accompanied me to go to House of Raminten that located on Faridan Muridan Noto street no.3.
Book Menu

House of ruminten is a very unique cafe with 'angkringan' concept. Angkringan is one of Jogjakarta culture where people buy food on the street at affordable prices . While eating, they usually talk with several friends or just strangers for a very long time. The concept of angkringan itself very unique because people from any social classes gather in one place and talk for a long time and feel the closiness of them without differentiate which social class they came from.
Bring those concept, House of Raminten sell food at affordable place and allowed people to stay in there as long as they want. Like on the street, they sit on the mat and dim light.
Not enough with that concept, the owner (same owner with Mirota Batik) give abother unique touch with dressing their male waitress as female. The menu itself namely with unique name and the food served on unique package.
Unique Glass served to the customer
7. Prambanan Temple

Prambanan Temple
Entrance Card
Who don't know Prambanan Temple? If we go to Jogja from Solo, we will able to see this temple from at the right side of the street.
Nowadays, the management of Prambanan Temple has been modernized the ticket management and of course some other public facilities in there. I remember that last time I went there when I was at elementary school like teen years ago, and the public facilities are so bad. Dirty and mess. But gladly, now Prambanan is far more proper to be visited :D
At night, we can see Sendratari Ramayana, a beautifull show combined  traditional dance, music and stong story.
Sendratari Ramayana
Decoy of the temple fhat fall when Jogja earthquake in 2006
For the detail schedule of the show, please can check here

 Well, so far that my favorite place from Semarang and Jogja. I will add more if I have a chance to visit both cities once again :D
Inside the House
In front of the guest house
Ah, for the lodging in Jogja, I stayed at Tegal Panggung guest house with price IDR 1,6 million for one house per night (3 bed rooms). The house is architecturaly beautiful and neat and lied not far from Malioboro street. I recommended this place for the confort, clean, and best service!!
Breakfast is also served with complete menu including milk, bread, and satay. The ceiling is high so we can feel the fresh air directly, but don't worry for those whom can live without AC, there is AC in every room and of course bathroom with bathtub in every room.
Breakfast at the dining room
The must do activities in Jogja is ride for Becak or horse-train. It is very recommended to enjoying the city on the slow-rhytm of Becak ;D
Ride for Becak
One of street art at Jogja

Well, thats all my report!!

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