cinta, 사랑, 愛

Tell me God,
the owner of my spirit
what's the formula of fallin in love
good face+attitude+religion?
not really...

Tell me God,
the owner of my heart
what's the formula of madly in love
not really...

Tell me God,
the owner of my tears
what's the formula of broken heart?
unfaithfull+death of believe?
not really...

Dear God,
there is no clue..
it is just is.
not invented..
not calculated..
not predicted..
not prepared..
just happen ...

Hmm actually this tittle of love,  bit discourage me.
But I really can't help it. Last several days I really want to write about definition of love. 
Several times, I ever describe this 'love' right back when I was high school. Ya ya is too mature for high schoolers talking about love, but even I and my friends just 16 years old, we acknowledged better how it broken love feels.

I thought, when I am older, I will find different philosophy of love. In fact how my point of view today and 8 years ago are remain same...

8 years ago, I see love is very subjective thing based on the one whom  feel it. Love could be a sacrifice, faith, and sincere for those who love their couples that way. But love could be an ache, jail, and suffer for the one whom can set free her/his feelings.

As for me, love is always an infatuation. Yes, I am crazy person when it comes to love. All definitions will apply to me, I do sacrifice with sincerity, I jailed on my own decision, I suffer on my willingness. But one thing for sure, I never regret to fall in love. I am an obsessed person, easily addict to love.

Despite all the crazy thing I do in the named of love, I never regretted done that. I might be fall in love to wrong person, but the love itself never be wronged.

I talk about sincerity. We can call 'love' when we do crazy things  without any hesitation. The main objective is just a simple happiness to someone is whom loved by us.

The Great power of love itself is showed when it can change someone's attitude or habit whether bad to good or on the other hand. Actually change is great thing, especially for the one whom we loved but one thing we should remember_when we had changed, love is not absolute thing, but variable, easy to change and we couldn't hold on it. We will have eternally love, if we can maintain it. 

When we are broken, not loved back or betrayed or just simply couldn't loved each other, we can't blame our foolish for falling in love. When love is broken, the relationship just didnt work, the person just didn't made for each other, but still, people tend to blame love as infectious virus. Sucking our happiness, vanishing our hope_like we are forget that love is the reason our days is glowing.

It is well known that love could be transform into hatred. We might hate someone who broke our heart, but hating love is fool idea.
For not believe in love, it is pity also.
Love is just an absurd subject to name our strange-not according to our habit-towards someone whom important to us. There is no formulation of love. Let's just falling in love over and over ;). Never afraid to feel broken yaaa..

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