The shamefull one

I was thinking for hundred times before I write this things up. May be with writing this up is like open wholeheartedly my sins .
My College friends who know me well_always call me a stumble girl. The noisy one with a lot of shameful record. Yes, I always success to make myself looks like an idiot at my important moment, and may be if I recorded my several 'stumble' moment and submitted the video to the funniest video tv show ( yes at early 1990's), I would earn a lot of money .

Okay, I will open up my most shameful on my life.
1. When I was at high school, exactly on my graduation time. Wearing full kebaya (of course without - I can't tell u how much I hate bun just because I wear it a lot times at the past), I summoned to receive my graduation documents and of course to shake hands with my principal. There were many people on the stage at that time. My principle, and 4 vice principals. But I don't know what's on my mind, I just shake my principal hands and ignoring the vices whom already prepare their hands to be shaken. Moreover, one of my favorite vices ( whom rarely going to class but meeting) left his jaw open and staring me confusedly. My friends from the seat row- who examine this moment closely- can't help their self to laugh. Miraculously, after the ceremony my vice told me : "you forget shake my hands and I'm hurt" Ups, my bad.
2. This time when I was at my early college time. I had a crush with my senior from different major. He isn't handsome but so adult (from my view). Finally the moment I was waiting for is coming!he ask me to a date. Panic, I should prepare everything perfectly to left a strong memory to my senior. Never wore it before , I wear my high heel shoes. Like my expectation of course I am the grace one and just like my worries, I could be fall with 7 cm heels! The 'important' moment came after we finished the dinner. It was after rain and there was a lot of brown puddle. We walked to the parking area, he walked in front of me, and I walk carefully avoid the puddle behind him. One puddle that I thought not deep enough to make my heel
Sink_ but yes it is deep enough. My left foot plunged into a deep puddle. Deep_I mean very deep, it approximately 15cm depth. And yah! There was a sound (from me)_ screaming shock, and my senior turned his head and check on me "r u ok?". Relieve from my shock, I smiled to him and grateful from my fast recovery- he didn't notice what happen earlier. Of course this one unforgettable moment in my life. Currently when I seen him, I didn't remember how much crush I have for him, but how shame that moment.

3. The third one- still from my college time. I and my girl friend went to one of 'scary' major of My college. Scary because 95% of this college occupant is male. I should went there to distribute flyer from my major. To reAch the office, I should pass thru the long alley which side by side with the canteen. At that time ( I didn't remember exactly what time), the canteen was occupied with male students. My friend very hesitate and scare. She insist to distribute the flyer at the other time when less male student appeared. Wanting to not waste the time, I pushed her spirit. " I walk in front of you, just follow me." . Just as our thought, when us- two very beautifull girl (trust me, I'm not lying) pass by, we hear massive crowd. Those boys shout indistictly_just to make our dare shut down slowly. But covered the scare, I walk with my heads up, until I forget to notice my steps. Suddenly, I stumbled, my left foot stumbling my right foot. Of course, in a second- I looks like a superman but on the floor. The shout suddenly off, and replace with massive laugh. My friend_automatically run away and commit to didn't recognize me. Me? The superwoman_quickly stand up and walk gracefully with head up_ignoring the laugh. I should got credits for my act.
4. The fourth one- again at my college graduation. Yes, don't roll your eyes first! I promise it will be different! Before summoned, I promised to my self to not repeat my mistake when I was in high school. I kept remind my self to shake hands all of the people at the stage. And the moment was came, I summoned- shake my rector hands cheerfully. The next moment hat suddenly fall off. I forget to clip my hat to my hair. The next one, full of shame_ I walk fast down from the stage ( and again) forget to shake hands the others. Ups.. It's same accordingly but added with different silliness.
5. The fifth, happens recently. Walk out from the meeting room, I was so excited talking with my (charming) boss. We walk side by side and talking the possibilities of my project. My heart was blooming, I adored him just like fans love their super star. Unconsciously, I walk follow him and end up to the man toilet. I was just start to pushed the door then suddenly I had a BANG in my head. I closed the door quickly and get out from the room while wishing my boss didn't notice it. Though no one notice my act, I believed The angels on my both shoulder roll their eyes watching me..hihihi
Honestly, there are more.. But I considered to make my name still adorable :D. Those_the top fifth of my silly moment (based on my version).
I guess those happens because I watch sailor moon too much at the past :p (blaming). Well, lesson learned child, beware with your idol. Your idol is who you are (blur quote)..
Just a post..(I still wish I could turn back time and idolize someone else like Dekisugi from Doraemon :p so I could manner more).
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