Dancing in the Moonlight

Dancing in the Moonlight

It is only a natural process to fall in love with you
in a second after i saw your smile that invited mine too.
There is something in the way you treat me,
made a radical change how i enjoy this mundane life.

You take me down from my own castle,
brought me to the land full of flowers,
and I was dancing in the canola flowers,
holding your hand only,
we spin for hundreds time,
laugh out loud of happiness,
and we sung the magical of Sound of the Musics,

Soon, i crossed the bridge,
came to your world,
and loved your world deeper than mine,
I chose to give up my crown,
People said i was a fool,
But the crown that i surrendered,
is my ultimate happiness,

Everything was perfect,
but you know the strange thing about woman,
man is like a planet,
and we are the tiny satellite,
orbiting wherever he go,
like a moon follow the earth,

The funny thing,
Man said will bring the moon the the girl he adored,
and yes he done it,
now I am living in the moon,
see you is how i can continue my day,

I don't know how you fall out of love at the process,
Everything become routines
and you missed the sparks

You can't feel the heartbeat in every single touch of my skin,
Your lips no longer draw a smile whenever you see my laugh,
You just blew out the candle,
shut the love with your cold heart.

But you are alone in that division,
Everyday, I am continuing in love with you,
The laugh you created in ;
The way you joking around with my gained-weight body,
the way you sleeping peacefully with our children,
or how you casually talking about beautiful singer in the television,

The comfort zone we established,
bring nothing but peace in my heart and mind.
For you, is nothing than less-adventure life that you should make peace with.

and you brought someone in our world,
a woman that made me questioning everything, include my existence

Did it because I gained my weight after the birth of our angel?
Did it because I didn't have other world than you?
Did it because my insecurity made you want to conquest another love?
Did it because i  always burn your sunny side egg?

They said i must forgive you,
in the sake of our children,

Whenever i am in your arms,
it used to be the safest place,
but now, i am shattered, did i still made your heart throbbing loudly?

How can i make a decision over this?
my castle has been abandoned,
I want to crossing back the bridge,
then i saw our children's eyes,
like a firework whenever they saw you,

How can I stood proudly?
because i am just a shadow that you cast,

How can I find myself again?
All i can see is a sorrow

How can I love myself?
I am just broken feathers,

But I know that soon,
God will roll the dice,
and there is a hope for tomorrow
because the sun is still shinning,
the universe isn't about you only,
and happiness lies deep beneath me.

One day I will dance again,
surrounded by canola flowers in that beautiful spring,
and I will sing about,
Dancing in the moonlight

A little note from me:

Too frequent, I heard about my close friend, "lost" his husband to other woman. Too cliche that woman should take the blame for the fall (mostly the wife blame herself).  When two different human being decide to tie the knot, they are grown human and realize what the joy and challenge upon them.

This short story is dedicated to women out there who struggling with their little family.

It is okay to cry and spill it to world, or being angry over other driver that cut your way. But remember my dear to love every inch of your body and be proud to become who you are now.

The wall will eventually fall down, but only the stronger will stand so tall.


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