Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival + City Tour

Cherry Blossom at Gyeonghwa Station

When it comes to Cherry Blossom season, in my opinion, still there is nothing can beat the beauty of Cherry Blossom Festival in Jinhae, South Korea.

This-no-longer-hidden-gem has been popular over the years and become triple popular this recent years. But we cannot complain the overcrowded festival because there is nothing able to hide the picturesque of this city.

Last spring, I visit Jinhae for the second time. Partly because this city is gorgeous and other part because i want to explore this city on full day.

I arrived in Jinhae via Bus from Sasang Station, Busan. Since it was festival day, i need to queued about 1 hour to depart the bus. Arrive at Jinhae Bus terminal, I was curious about the train system in this city. There is Jinhae Station, but when i arrived there, the stations is closed from operation. I guess no train operated at this city. Everything should be covered by bus system.

From the station, I took a city bus to Gyeonghwa Station. We can use T-money or cash to pay the bus fare.

1. Gyeonghwa Station

Train at Gyeonghwa Station
The most highlighted picture of Jinhae, of course the picturesque cherry blossom canopy above the train. I read that several years ago, this station is still operated but when I came, the station is no longer operated but there is stopping train just below the cherry blossom canopy. I don't know, during the off-season, the station may be operated again.

Loco covered by Cherry Blossom Canopy

Just look at the gorgeous picture above, the flowers density contrast with red-blue color of Korail Locomotive. Instagram-lovers would take hundred pictures of those.

The thing is, it was so crowded. So many persons in there even I visited on Monday. So many tourists and the weather was hot. I cannot enjoy the place more than half an hour even there were so many food stalls out there. It was hard to take focused picture without being disturbed by someone's else hand or selfie stick. 

Waiting for the train, Mas?

How to go here:
From Jinhae Station, cross the street to Jinhae Station Bus Stop.
Take Bus No. 307, 315, 317 to Gyeonghwa Station Bus Stop.

2. Yeojwacheon Stream
Cherry Blossom Canopy at Yeojwaheon Stream

Yeojwacheon Stream is my another favorit spot in Jinhae. Long pathway of Cherry Blossom canopy and slow shed of petals create a magical chemical on this place.

During the noon, the crowds were double up but the most important thing is so many food stalls and ice cream. There are many of bench and some of those vacant despite so many tourists

So Crowded but It's okay
The streams and petal sheds

Take your time to sit at the bench and enjoy the slow wind brought the petals. Or you can go down to the stream (which of course more quite) and sit at the stairs. There were also classical music performance from local students that made you feel the real festival.

To reach the stream, you can get off at Jinhae Station and walk about 100 meters. 

 Get off at Jinhae Station.
- Green Bus 307, 309, 315
- Blue Bus 150, 160, 162

3. Jehwangsan Park.

Circling around the city, you will notice the steep railway of funicular at the top of the hill. That surely made you curious what is it in there hill?

In fact, there is a park at the top of the hill (or mountain), also a home for 9-storey- Jinhae Tower. The tower, which symbolizes a Korean naval warship, stands at the top of a 365-step staircase and commands a splendid view of both the city and the coastline.

Jinhae City View

To go to the top, there are two options. The first is by hike the ladders or secondly, purchase a funicular ticket. But during the cherry blossom season, the queue to ride the funicular was bit long therefore people usually choose to hike the ladders.

Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festivals : Heart of the City view

Since it is the tallest aerial view of the city, the view is spectacular. You can see the line up of cherry blossom trees across the mountain and city street. Compete also the beauty of blue sea side by side with mountains. 

Finished enjoy the scenary, we can visit the museum or just stroll around the park. There are lot of birds sound between the tall trees of pines. 

The Sea
This time, I enjoyed Jinhae since morning until afternoon. The city was crowded, so many tourists and local blend enjoy the festive mood. After satisfied strolling around the city, I rode a intercity bus that take me to Masan because my KTX departed from there to Seoul. It took an hour from Jinhae to Masan and about 3 hours later to arrive in Seoul.

As a conclusion, Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festivals is still my favorite festival all the time, but even after twice visit, I don't think I will spend the night at Jinhae. My choice would be back to Busan again.

That's all!


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