Flowers that definitely cannot be missed in South Korea

Field of Peonies
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Even when I were a child, I knew I have something relatable with flowers. May be because I am a female, so it is the most natural thing to love a flower.. May be..

I remembers though, days after days in my childhood spent at the library, reading Trubus Magazines. Trying to found out, varieties of flowers and the possibility to plant it back at my home. Most of all, I used to live at Malang City, the city of flower where people plant flowers is not only part of house decoration but everyday needs.

 Yet, living in tropical countries and small town, I haven't had a chance to encountered many varieties of flowers. That's why, when Spring was coming and I read that South Korea hosts many of flower festivals, I'm ecstatic, especially to see flowers that not exist in my home town.

Starting from early March, many flowers start to bloom. But of course the remark of spring start with Cherry Blossoms season. May be it is because of the warmer weather, people start to going out and enjoy hanami.

Prior to that, we can enjoy the bright colors of Canola flowers. To be honest, one single canola flower isn't noticeable but when you see a field of that, how can you resist the joy and happiness spread from the yellow colors?

Canola Flowers

We can see canola flowers almost every where in Seoul, Busan, Jeju or any other cities. But the biggest field I ever saw was in Jeju Island, near the Seongsan Ilchulbong. Usually, Canola Flowers bloom around mid March to early April. Really depend on the temperature of the surrounding. 

After Canola, we can enjoy the most famous flowers from East Asia, the Cherry Blossom. Folks believe that the origin of cherry blossom in South Korea are brought by Japanese emperor at the past. But Cherry blossoms in South Korea are slightly different from Japan. The colors are dominated by soft pinks and white, I rarely saw the shocking pink colors like in Japan.

The biggest festival usually held in Jinhae at early April, about 3 hours away from Seoul by train. This year is my second visit to Jinhae and I still can get over the beauty of Jinhae during cherry blossom festival.

the Intensity of Cherry Blossom in Jinhae is crazy

I haven't had a chance to write my second visit (later of course!), but this time I could see so many places in Jinhae which gave so many unmistakably striking photos. Like the one at Gyeonghwa station.

But don't be sad, cherry blossoms not only celebrated at Jinhae. Seoul also hosts many cherry blossoms festivals like at the Yeouido Park or Namsan Park. Farther from downtown, you can enjoy cherry blossom at Seokchon Lake. Or you can enjoy the ambience of traditional cherry blossoms at the palaces. Unfortunately, during the second week of April 2018 when Cherry blossoms were blooming at Seoul, the weather was not cooperative. Rainy during the weekends and I missed the chance to enjoy cherry blossom at the capital.

At mid april, it is the time for tulip to shine. About three hours away from Seoul, a biggest tulip festival in the country is held from mid April to early May, Taean Tulip Festivals.  This was my second time to see tulip but never saw that many varieties like i saw at Taean.

This Turkey-origin-flower is undoubtedly beyond beautiful. Hence no wonder there was a time Europan countries experienced the tulip fever. So many colors and varieties that makes my heart fluttered involuntary. 


This color is my favorite!

Didn't amazed by tulips? then I feel sorry for you!! That's how I can describe the crazy beauty of tulips in this world. I even thanks to God to have a chance to see Tulips field this year.

Not to keen 3 hours drive from Seoul just to see Tulip? Relax, Some parks at Seoul also plant tulips like at Seoul Park, Myeongdong and Namsan Park.

Moving on, it's turn of Azalea to take the spot. It is also my first time to see Azalea. I am not quite sure we have it back in Indonesia, because the origin of Azalea is once again East Asia (how lucky!!). 


Likewise, we can see azalea practically everywhere in the city during spring (early to end of  April). But to celebrate Azalea, you can visit Gunpo Royal Azalea Park. It is located about one hour away from Seoul via train line number 4.

Azalea has a good scent and vibrant colors. What I love the most is white azalea which so pure and white--that i can suggest people should use it as idioms. As white as azalea.

Gunpo Royal Azalea Park
And finally May is come and it is time for summer flowers to take a spot. Between the passing names, of course the most famous are Roses and Peonies. 

Roses? Yes i have it back in Indonesia, even at my back yard with so many colors. But in sub-tropical countries? the size of rose is huge. Very huge that I never saw it in Indonesia. 
My face to compare the size of rose
Remember when I were in Germany and noticed that rose in there is crazy huge. This time i encountered so many sizes of Rose and colors of course. To be honest, Rose is like my true love. Despite how many times I got amazed by other flowers, Roses are still the one that I plant at my own backyard and loving them wholeheartedly (ugh!drama!!!).  

That's why, I am very anticipating when rose season comes to South Korea. I heard there is Rose festival at Jeolla that I eagerly want to come. However, since it is fasting season, Instead of travelling 3 hours away, I visit Rose park at Seoul Grand Park and not regretted it one bit (though very thirsty and hungry because walking so far away).

Rose Park at Seoul Grand Park

Actually, like any other flowers, yes we can see many roses at Seoul, including rose section at Seoullo that also has many varieties of rose. Including the one that you can see at bedsheets or printing in your Cath Kidtson Bags. But Rose park at Seoul Grand Park is very special due to the festive ambience and the many varieties shown. Not far from the park, we can sit at the bench, daydreaming by looking at the lake and the mountains at the background.

Still, Seoul Grand Park
Rose like at your bedsheet!
I know, sooner or later, when I come back at my country, I change my backyard into this crazy alley of roses. I won't mind its thorn, because to get the real beauty you should deal with its thorn, right?

Still at Seoul Grand Park, I encountered the famous Peonies at the first time. I tried to search Peonies park at Seoul but the closest place is in Morning Garden Calm near to Nami Island which it needs effort to reach there during fasting month. 


But, Flowers in Seoul are not limited to that I mentioned before. So many varieties we encountered at the park like hydrangea, wisteria, dandelion or many beautiful flowers that I don't know yet the name.

Someone tell me what are these name!

It's easy to spot flowers in Seoul especially during the spring. This city is magically transform into romantic city, moreover, so many parks in this city that I don't mind to walk from one point to another, even quite far!

For Flowers lover like me, I've been blessed during the spring and summer this year! God creates so many colors during the warm weather.

Likewise, photo of us is a must at the end of post. And yes, the flowers list is far from end. I heard even in Autumn, there are lot of flowers bloom!!

See you at our next post


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