Its Soul Mate

Hong Kong Day #1

This is what happen when you miss someone, and you only have this view from your room.

I feel poetic, so I write something:

Its Soul Mate

I thought I know it all

Marriage will transform love into friendship

Or a heartbeat into casuality

Then I remember about independency,

That basically two people are bond to a knot

are individual in cooperation

But I thought I know nothing

How his smile could warm my heart

Or how his hold embrace my comfort-ability

Then silently, when we are far

Away from the usual system

My heart is aching

My tears are shedding

My hands are longing for something

I thought i know it all

Missing someone consumes me

But  I know nothing,

Missing someone is a torture

When your body betray your logic

Craving for a pattern

Searching for a system

Aching for its soul mate


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