Hong Kong from the Stranger's Eyes

I always fond of Hong Kong. Despite it's free of VAT, Hong Kong is a very tall country with well-organized citizens and well-planned city development.

Instead of re-telling about how my visit last time by words, I chose to tell it by pictures. They said pictures tell thousand stories, rite?

Anyhow, it's been a very long time I didn't use my camera.

A Busy Hour to Serve Lunch
Location : Aberdeen Restaurant, Argyle Street, Hong Kong

MTR caring for Life's Journey

No such too Morning to Get the Business Done

Gaining Luck for Chinese's Favorite Phone

Weekend Escape for the Migrant Workers

City of Double Lights

Economics Main Generator

Ordinary day of Native Hong Kong

Two sides of tales

Line for All

Street Face

Mind Our Business

A Response for Student's Protests

Well, the last one is special. Because not every day we can capture a boat with Go Home sign. In a response of students protests which turn out take a long time, the fishermans ask students to stop what they're doing because (though) for good cause, their actions hurt Hong Kong economics.

That's not all. Later if I have enough mood and time, I will write down my stories while visiting Hong Kong. Hope you enjoy it!


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