Line Up, Please!!

Last few years, this behavior really grind my gears, line up.
As frequent passenger of Transjakarta Busway-which you already know- low frequency, high demand, at any time of the day, I always forced my self in queue to get my ride. 

In the morning, around 7 a.m (less or more), the queue is usually as long as Annaconda tail, ups no my correction, it is longer than that. You know, 7 a.m is a prime time, when students usually go to school and workers go to their place, or any one but none of both, go to only heaven no where. Various peoples gather in that line for one sacred destination, to be picked up by limited bus, senior citizens, women, pregnant woman, men, scholar, student, even children. It is used to be separated line for pregnant woman, senior citizen and children with their parent, but usually when it is prime time separated line is gone by the rage of peoples in line. 

The condition inside the halte itself not helping. Even in the morning, the non-AC-halte (which should be eco-friendly halte) is crowded by sweating human and there is no rule or sign how to queue correctly. Here is the illustration of queue in Halte TransJakarta Busway.

illustration of queue in Halte TransJakarta Busway
The Black ink indicated that the rightful people to line up in that. If there is Woman Line, should be woman in there or otherwise, the red ink is the Cutter regardless the age, or gender. 

Unfortunately, people are usually forget social conduct of lining. They are ignoring the separated line, forget to line instead of cutting the line and bottling neck in front of the sliding door. As result, various people gather in there, push each other to merge into the bus. Some people yell because of anger or may be in pain.

I believe almost all people in this world agree that line up is s*ck. The waiting time is both boring and painful. But I believe that not an excuse to cut the line. 

Some time ago, I saw people fight because someone cut the line, the other angry to her. The way the-reminder one-told the cutter to line up is insulting and offending so the fight is unavoidable. But every body know it well, Cutter is violating the social conduct, right?

But before get raging because of daily Cutter I saw, I tried to hold my self. Funny thing the most persistent cutter is senior citizens, and women. That's why I usually hold my tongue to remind them in respect of women bond- and appreciate the older. But I know, I am wrong also. As a witness, I let the social conduct violated and stay quiet saw that. I am bad as whistle blower. 

Different case if the cutter is a man, healthy, young and nonetheless handsome (ups!), I can't hold my tongue. I usually remind them politely that the line is start from back there not in front of me. But everything will be handfull if the cutter is not only one, instead a bunch of as*hole. 

Sadly, this is happen every day and like me, no whistle blower, moreover officer whom can manage the queue. 

This is so wrong I believe. Our people should be know how to queue correctly regardless age, or gender. I am keep questioning what is wrong with our society, why it is so hard to understanding a social conduct, why we are so selfish? every body is busy, not only you the most darn busier in here,Cutter!

Then I tried to googling with the keyword of how to make people willing the line up. The article from New York Times amused me the most. Not actually answering my question but psychologically help me to understand about line up. 

Instead of raging to people whom willing to line up, NYTimes introduce us how to make queue less suffering.In a short conclusions, it is also responsible of the arranger of public service in this case, TransJakarta Busway to make the condition of queue more conducive.  

The waiting time is unavoidable, very depending on the presence of the bus. But we can make the waiting time less suffering. First, we can add a mirror in the path before or in the queue zone. Mirror usually can make people stop for a while to staring them self. Mirror in the way can make the queue zone less full of people, and mirror in the queue zone can make the waiting time more bearable. 

Secondly, make a definite ground rule how to line up. Place an officer in there to manage the queue. Not for-permanent, but for temporary with the objectives to introduce a ground rule to passenger how to queue. Socialization. When people start to queue sound and safety, the officer could be disappear for while. Plus, put a signage in there so people can read, and when there is a violation happen, people can remind the cutter based on the ground rule.

Nah, about the reminding the cutter, it is our social responsibilities as well to line up. But instead of raging and make a collision in public service, we should remind our self about these things:
1. Remember,  there is always an excuse to cut the line. Whether it is good or bad. We never had a chance to ask the reason, but as prejudice, think there is always good reason behind that. Thus will stop you from rage. 

2. Use a good word to remind the cutter, avoid the offending word. Reminding a cutter will embarrass them self, so instead of make them listen to you, offending word will make them raging as big as you. 

3. Knowing your opponent. Let the senior citizen go first won't hurt your pride. 

I guess it is all my advice for line-up trouble in public services. Remember, both line up and reminding the cutter are our social responsibilities as citizen. That's all!


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