Journey the Blue sky, Kawah Putih (white crater) Ciwidey

Last weekend, I take a trip with my pals to Bandung, east Java. This trip Is different from any other trip that I've been made to Bandung. Different because my aim Is One full day expooring Bandung.
The Rain Forest

The Mountain Scenary
Early morning, I pack my bag and went to Ciwidey, white crater in Kabupaten Bandung. I cant give you any detail how to get there because i'm simply passanger ;). To get there,can be reach via Kopo. But be caution, Kopo Is very crowded,so better pass there on early morning.

Ciwidey can be reached about 1.5 hours (without traffic Jam) from Bandung. 

Arriving, I shall pay the expensive entry pass. Actually, we can pay less if we chose to park our vehicle in Down park and Ride a public car. But, the public car won't going up unless full seated. If you go there with another 12 peoples, It Is fun to Ride public car, but once again not Economics! The entry pass Is IDR 15.000 each person, and IDR 150.000 for each car. If you chose public car, u should pay IDR15.000 plus IDR25.000 or IDR 45.000 per person..
Right place to daydreaming
For that cost, I actually expect a lotttt!!!! Well, check the pictures to judge whether the cost Is overpriced or not...

First, we will enter a typical Rain forest. The tree Is big, and shade. The sky is very blue. Along the road, we can see mountain blanketted with mists. The scenery Is very amazing, and eye refreshening.
Kawah Putih
Behind the forrest roof, we can see the sun shine break through the green leaves.

Oh, if we aware, among the road to the crater, there Is a spot to capture million beautiful pictures.

Not all peoples will notice this spot ;)

When we finally got to the parking area. We should walk to reach the crater. 
In the morning, we can found the crater blanket with the mists.When I arrived in there, the sky is bright blue so the crater. The mountain surrounding the crater. If only it is not crater lake, I would love to jump to the blue lake in there. Feels like Maldives, dont you think? :)
Belanda Cave
Oh, there Is Gua Belanda (Holland Cave). But we cant stay any longer in Front of the Cave because the sulfur's smells so strong in there.
Ah, we cant also stay long in the crater because will make us dehidrated and dizzy.
Overall, I think I overpaid to visit Ciwidey. Not worthy enough. But its ok, I paid for the beautifull hidden spot to capture hundreds beautifull picture.
You shoul visit there once if you had more money :)

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thanks to my 2 pals for the pictures :)


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