Fantastique the Fontaine and laser show in Ancol

Pantai Carnaval Ancol
Last weekend, finally I have a spare time to visit brand (quite) new Fontaine + laser show at Taman Impian Jaya Ancol, Jakarta. This Fontaine show namely-Fantastique. Thus was showed for the first time on June 2011. It is located at Eco-park which formerly is a golf park at the Taman Impian Jaya Ancol Area.

We can access the Eco-park both from Dufan and pantai carnaval by walk. It is located just accros to the Pantai Carnaval.
This show held everyday at 19.00 wib. I went there on Saturday afternoon with full excitement. I'm really looking forward to see how the Indonesian version of "Songs of the Sea" (if you don't know what is songs of the sea, please refer to my article - don't miss this when you go to Singapore ). I can't help thinking Fantastique should be the Indonesian version of songs of the sea though I believe the it will be different (the concept of Fontaine and laser are almost same).

Directory at Eco Park
I should prepare IDR 15.000 per person to the entrance ticket of ancol and IDR 60.000 for the Fantastique. We can buy Fantastique ticket from the counter at eco park or at the Fantastique Gate.
When I got there, I directly went to Eco-park just like the officer told me where fantastique would be held. This was my first time to go to Eco-park, and actually I'm quite surprise. Eco-park--just like it's name is a park that is provided to those whom may want to walk, ride a bike or electric bike. The park is neat and (still) hot (considering the trees are not fully grown). From the counter at Eco-park, we can rent a bike there on hourly based.

While waiting the show, I was wandering around and take pictures. Beside the side walk, there is a (green) pool with a lot of fish inside there. We can ride the boat or just play with the bubble (for children only). 

Ticket Sales
At night time, the lamp is switched on and make the walkside is bright and beautiful. We can enjoy the reggae band singing in front of the gate.  At 18.30 wib, there is an announcement that the gate will be opened soon. 
Suddenly, numerous people gather in front of the gate to queue (just like our behavior-queue indiscipline). I realize that the show will be started at 19.00, still long hour to queue! but if I'm not queue that time I wouldn't got my desired-sit, so I queue for an half hour endure my emotion looking people whom never learnt how to queue and officer who carelessly organize peoples. Ah plus! There is a bonus! Bunch of mosquitos (geez!), prepare your self bring anti-Zeppelin or anti mosquito lotion! (or could be a new business there!sell the lotion)

Fantastique Gate
The Light at Eco Park
At 18.55 wib, I enter the gate and take a seat at the centre. I don't want to get too close with the stage because I know there will be a fire blast and water splash. This show is brought in Indonesian language, not English just like at Singapore (considering Indonesian is our nation language).

Firstly, when I finally seat in, there was an announcement that show will be started in 5 minutes and suddenly there are lighted tree raised. At 19.00 wib, the artists come to the stage along with Indonesian heritage song,so the show finally begin...

The Show
The duration of the show is (only) 30 minutes (but worth to watch). The storyline is Indonesian-tale about a girl who chased by a green giant (not a hulk surely) namely buto ijo.

Overall, I'm not really to get into with the story line, I more captivated by the laser show (not the fountain show). The song was great! My pals said that he really want to buy the OST, so Indonesian and the voice is absolutely stunning.

The teenagers beside me are so excited while watching the show. They didn't mind to give a standing ovation. But for me, well (sorry to say) I can't help comparing with song of the sea.

Overall, for me that's not a fountain show because it's more great on laser show. The fountain show at song of the sea is far more grand than at fantastique. But fantastique have a score on creativity!!!! The laser show is great! The visual is more detail,complex than in Singapore. Additional experience,the wind blows hardly here, sometimes the audience able to feel the water splash from the fountain.
So shortly to say, is whole different show with singaporeans (though the concept is same).

For input, I wish there are more fountain!!so it will make the attendance more captivated. And it would be nice that there is a souvenir shop near the gate where visitor can buy the OST or another merchandise.

If I allowed to give a rate, fantastique is 7 for 10 scale. IDR 60.000 is quite worth it, but I really-really wish the organizers able to pay more attention to order the queue.
My next question is for how long one story line (with detailed laser and fountain) will be last? Forever? Well, if the organizers didn't change the story line, I won't go there for twice. I enjoy being there,but I want different storyline and it's attributes to make me come twice!

Oh ya, at the very end of the show we can take a pic with the artists for free ( another plus poin)

Take A pic with the artists
 For more information, you can contact me with leave a comment here or visit the official website of Taman Impian Jaya Ancol
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