The Power of Money

Last few days, i try to gather up some ideas from dry head- and finally today its come up with this (scarry) titlle. Oh come down, there is nothing serious with this title-because money is sensitive topics for several peoples (especially when almost end of month)

The first reason why i bring up about money is I got an inspiration from the movie( of course Korea) that i’ve been watched. The title is city hunter which adaption from Japanese Manga (which i forgotten the title). This serial starred by the handsome-Lee min Hoo, chill out I won’t describe about how great the God (read: Plasctic surgery) -Sculpture of Lee min Ho, but the story told us about Nobody who revenge his personal issued but come out with fighting versus bribery- corruption. His enemies are various- from businessman to government which reprensented in minister of education, owner of chaebol-gigacompany, senator, and the president. Its movie told that if some peoples cannot afford an education because the tuition fee is out of reached, its indicated that ‘some body’ have been ‘play’ with the education funds.

Funny though. Previously, I never really care about corruption and I feel pity (and mad) when I look under age children didnt go to school but work out there. But the things are, like thick ice suddenly break,,sadly I just realize that in my country, children didnt get any education from formal scholl because of someone’s greedy. Pity me.

To be honest, I never ever care about culture in governance, I just pissed off but I understand-yeah this is my country where bribery is common to see and corruption is a daily activities. May be thats because I never experienced didnt able going to school or get an health insurance.But how if I imagined that I unable get the scholarship to finish my aftergraduate because that fund is flow to unresponsible people....yeahhh i’m definitely mad .

(intermesso: while watching this movie I kept thinking-when Indonesian able to produce this kind of movie- nationalist-great action-great drama plus lee min hoo hahahahahha).

The second things, why I take this title is from my own experience. Last week, I met my best friend in college. My best friend is affluent activist, he just like the core of protest activity in my college, he have a idealism-the strongest one, he dislike every litle present of hedonism (read: mall), he just a simple man with too much idea to make this country a better nation to live. And last week, I didnt see my college bestfriend in his body. His body there but his soul transform. He become a realistic one, wearing from top to toe branded attribute. His claimed that his idealism remain there but infiltrated with realistic idea. I’m not dissapoint of him because I do really know that people changeand I know he still have a dream to make a better country here, but one I curious about-because he-the most strongest idealism I ever met but in several years changing-what makes him change?what his big-bang?

And then he answered innocently : “ Money” . Yes Money can buy us looks, money can buy us fun, and money can buy us an experience to change our vision. Thats one power of money.

I didnt judge him at all, the combination of idealistic with realistic is the the fittest to keep survive in this county. Idealistic can give us shield to not influence with ‘corruption’ and realistic can keep us alive because there’s nothing free in this world..

The third experience, still at the last week when I run out the executive class train ticket to get back to Jakarta. I got the business one. Well, firstly I thought the business class wouldnt be that hideous, but I am wronged. My train departed from station at 2 after midnite. When I saw from outside, the train looked empty but when I got in.. gosh....there are peoples just lying there-sleeping on the floor with stripes-ugly blanket which remained me the scene of war movie (where the victims covered with blood and nobody taken care off the body).

Sick Oldmen

I must stepped carefully otherwise I tresspassing someone’s head or hand. Whan I got seated, another nightmare come. There is a old man had a fever lying on the floor just right under my seat. Between my humanity and my ego was fighting. And finally my humanity won, I gave my seat to theold man and i sit on the floor-hugging my bag-and watching surround me which just like a deadbody. At those moment, I feel terribly poor and melancholic. Yes, melancholia make my mind travelling in the deepest egocentric feeling. Whoose should I mad to? The Government? Because they unable to provide the people a deserved transportation? Or it just me-because having an absurd mellancholia.

I think of both. I shouldnt felt melancholic, but Government should give human a better transportation because with just lying there like dead body- we just treated like a beggar, bum, useless person( hey...does anyone want to be a beggar???) . I think human deserve a better facility!!!

broken windows at train

So yess, the powerof money can give us feeling as usefull human, and deserve to be treated well.

Thats the power of money from my point of view. The strong effect of money could give human a greed-unresponsible and egoistic person, but less effect the power of money could give human feels like useless and not deserved to be alive.

But just remember one quote of Maher Zein song- awaken :

“we became the visuals without a soul despite the heat, our homes felt so empty and cold, to fill emptiness we bought and bought, may be all the fancy cars and bling will make us feel satisfied”


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