Release him..

i still remember the way he's holding my hand,
i still remember how my heart is trembling when he touch my skin
he's all the beauty i've ever felt
he's all the kindness i've ever met
he's all the perfection i've could imagine

what would happen if i am letting he go?
what would happen if i never seen his smile again?
what would happen if i cant run to his arm once more?the safest place ever?

my love for him makes me weak..
i dependent all my life on his
i put all my trust on his
i endanger behalf my soul on his...

and then when time has come..
when love isnt the beauty side
when love is a darkness wrap a fragile heart
so its time to face the world again

lonely and independent
loveless but strong

Now its time for me to release him,
the beauty i have
the perfections in my imagination

could i?
am i be able to stay still this way?
guess, finding love is just like finding lotere...
sometimes i won, but most i lost, and hurt...


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